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The Retail Therapy Follow Up!

As mentioned in my last post, I had a "retail therapy" day last Tuesday and in addition to shopping at Sephora, I stopped by The Body Shop while I was there. I had been using their Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer but the sales associate said that it had been discontinued and she suggested I try out their Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer. I also picked up their Illuminating Eye Treatment (couldn't find a link on the website so here's a link to the MakeupAlley review instead) and it especially brightens my eye area when paired with my Clinique All About Eyes Rich.

. . .

I'm being extra nice to my skin today and treating myself to a facial at Let's Face It this afternoon! They offer massages, facials, as well as the bareMinerals makeup line, so call them at (804)364-1112 to book an appointment.

Sephora is my anti-drug.

Today I did a bit of retail therapy at Sephora. I swear that I could spend hours in that place! I decided to splurge on a new concealer and I picked out the Vincent Longo Concealer/Illumina Pencil - Light #1. Since good brushes are an investment to any makeup collection, I picked up Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Bronzer Brush #48 to mainly use with my loose face powders. I can see a lot of potential uses with this brush in addition to applying and buffing in my face powder: M.A.C. Mineralized Skin Finishes, M.A.C. Pigments (as blushes and to contour), bronzer, etc. I do own two of the mini M.A.C. kabuki brushes that came out with the Pearlizer sets last summer and they're great for detail work especially for creating cheekbones but sometimes I want a bigger brush (but not too big of a brush).

I also picked up a couple goodies at The Body Shop but I'll post about those tomorrow!

. . .

In other news, I went into Forever21 and one of the sales associates was so rude and had this "I don't want to be here" aura about her. I would have bought something there but I had a hard time finding my size so I think I'll shop off their website instead. If I go into a store and I see a sales associate with arms crossed, I am inclined to take a quick look at the merchandise and to walk back out. I guess after working in retail all these years, I like friendly and approachable salespeople. If your body language tells me to go away, I'm not buying anything!

I wish...

I'm not sure if my hopes and wishes will come true but I really wish Rafe would come out with another line for Target. The Hollywould line was OK but not practical for everyday and the Loeffler Randall line has some cute pieces but I really wish some of the pieces like this one would come in black.

In other news, I've found the essential 3/4-sleeve t-shirt that I will probably buy multiples of and wear until they fall apart or fade. It comes in both a scoop-neck and v-neck version. To make it even more enticing, they're on sale for $9 each this week at Target!

Birthday Wishes!


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Just a quick update of sorts.

HAPPY SATURDAY! This is going to be a quick post because I need to finish getting ready for work...

*I am now a member of RVABlogs community!

*I'm moving (again) but into the bigger bedroom at the house. So tomorrow's task is moving everything and re-doing my room.

*Last night I did the First Fridays Art Walk but it was kind of quiet (probably due to the fact of the cold and that all the VCU kids aren't back yet).

*I start classes on Monday though... Eek?!?

You Know I'm A Sucker For Sale...

Just a heads up, South Moon Under is having a fabulous sale! I originally tried on this Frenzii wrap cardigan in green but their store manager was nice enough to track a black one down from another store (sorry, y'all - I HAVE THE LAST BLACK ONE). You can still buy the cardigan in green or mango on South Moon Under's website though. Be sure to check out the rest of the sale goodies!

PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.perfectlybasics.nl

Yes there's broken hearts on my sneakers!

My New "Emo Chucks"!

Ugly Shoes... PART 2!

So here's three more of my "top picks" for ugly shoes! If you wish to experience ultimate fug-ness, click on the pictures to make them bigger!

Blue velour? Ribbons, appliques, and sequins? Tacky shoe party anyone?!?

High heels and athletic styling? This actually might be a cute sneaker minus the obnoxious rubber heel...

And finally last but not least, full-on-sequined ballet flats. The picture doesn't show it but it has a thin, sneaker-esque WHITE rubber sole. Sequins are fab for evening but not for day. I don't care how glamorous you think you are, your feet do not need the Vegas glitz of sequins.

I wish you all a FASHIONABLE and FABULOUS 2008 NEW YEAR!!!

Ugly Shoes... Here we go!

Our first shoe victim is this bronze velvet bootie. This shoe has potential if it was suede and maybe the color could be a couple shades darker. All what we thought upon first seeing this shoe is that it looks like a reindeer hoof or something gone horribly wrong in Santa's workshop of shoes. *sigh*

As a teenager in the late 90's, I remember when these clunky oxfords were the rage. Well, guess what kids? THEY'RE BACK! Help. I guess the one advantage of these shoes is that you could walk in mud puddles and not get your feet wet with obnoxiously thick heel and platform.


So this is just the first of the fug and ugh but check out ChicArmoire's "Ugly Shoes May Rule" post too.

Partners In "Crime"?!?

ChicArmoire and I ventured out today for some much needed breakfast and a little bit of shopping. After hitting up Marshall's and Steinmart, we headed to DSW. While they had some fab shoes in stock, we also saw our fair share of fug shoes. With a little inspiration from past posts of Go Fug Yourself, we definitely picked some of the most fug shoes.

It's definitely a how to of what not to choose for shoes! So stay tuned!