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We all know I love free stuff...

Thanks to my beauty blogging buddy Ellen over at Lipstick Powder 'n Paint, I won this cute Bombshell Starlet-to-go bath set. I must have received this in the mail sometime this weekend because I stumbled into the kitchen this morning post-shower and found it sitting on my counter, shame on my roomie for hiding mail from me especially when it's a package! Bills are no fun but beauty products certainly are!!!

I tested out the Starlet Hand & Body Lotion this morning and this lotion absorbs into the skin quickly with a nice subtle fragrance. I can't quite pinpoint the scent but to me it's got a slight hint of vanilla going on. The website describes the Starlet scent as: "A deliciously flirty hand and body lotion that will leave star struck admirers wherever you go! A delicious mix of red berries, vanilla and spun sugar." I usually tend to go after vanilla or musk or citrus when choosing fragrances so this is perfect for me!

When I try out the Starlet Bath & Shower Bubbles and the Starlet Bath Fizz, I will definitely let you all know how I like those too!