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Hectic much?

Hello darlings! Please disregard the slight absence, I've been a bit busy with EVERYTHING right now. My two jobs, classes, life, and a handful of PMS-induced migraines with a general feeling of *ugh* on the side.

On the bright side though...

Lipstick Powder 'n Paint is having a fabulous contest for the month of October with a new beauty prize each day! I won an eyeshadow palette towards the beginning of the contest and a chance to win free goodies is always worth passing on!

I had lunch with the always fabulous ChicArmoire on Monday and it was nice to catch up and have some girl gossip time.

And last but not least, I had a mention about my blog both online and in print for Style Weekly's Belle magazine!

Now only if fall would truly make up it's mind to get here - humid 80 degree weather is not pleasant and it's too hot to wear my cute cooler weather pieces!