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A change from my usual roll outta bed and shower look!

I normally have the option of looking very low-key for my day job... The days where I have "double duty" and I go work my retail gig in the evenings, I actually make an effort to do my hair and put on more makeup than just sunscreen and lipbalm. Today I actually wore nice-ish clothes to work as opposed to my usual "uniform" of khaki pants and a school-logo tee. This morning was senior convocation and PSATs but I wasn't sure if I was going to get roped into dealing with convocation stuff so I made an effort to look nice. Black cap-sleeve v-neck sweater, white and turquoise blue camis layered underneath, black gaucho cropped pants paired with gold flat sandals. Just for the record, my gauchos are not the clingy knit variety that ends up creeping into unknown territories - the material on these is a poly/rayon/spandex blend that is more like legitimate dress pant material. So as a result, I've had a handful of students say "wow, you look really nice today." I guess that every-now-and-then I do surprise them (and probably my fellow staff) that there's more to me than khakis, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

I am so ready for the weekend... I am hopefully having dinner with my pal Janice and her crew on Friday, Saturday morning I'm getting my oil changed and car inspected, Saturday afternoon I should be shooting a friends engagement photos, and then Saturday evening will be a movie and Panera date with my sister. Sunday I'm working the retail gig.

I know this post isn't very much fashion or beauty related... This just proves I've gotten more low-maintenance nowadays.