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Living the life of a socialite.

Tonight was the big Belle launch party at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The always fabulous ChicArmoire and I had a good time chatting, mingling, and enjoying the Patron Cosmopolitans which were enjoyed with plenty of water. Overall I had a blast! There were some definite style worthy people there but then there were some who I was thinking that they should have gone back home and changed. As usual, I saw a lot of black outfits. Yay for wearing color!

On a side note, I totally wish I could rock the super smoky eyes that I saw on many... Unfortunately I think I am too pale and no matter how much bronzer that I put on, I still won't be tan enough. Oh well.

ps. M.A.C.'s Goldmode pigment from Rushmetal is my new love (in makeup land that is)!!!