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D.C. MiniRoadTrip

Yesterday my sister and I trekked up to Springfield and proceeded to Metro ourselves around Washington, D.C. to get out of the RVA for a day. Overall we had lots of fun but there were some scary moments like getting caught in the doors while boarding the Metro at Union Station. My sister is in a wheelchair and people seriously wouldn't move out the way to let us board the Metro car. We have learned that while D.C. may be handicap accessible, it sure isn't handicap friendly. Overall we had fun and lots of goofy moments. We originally planned to eat lunch at Union Station but their water was having issues so we headed to Chinatown and ate at a place called Wok & Roll. Mmm, Chinese food.

I'd never been to Georgetown in my life so we headed there... OMG, shopping galore. When I actually have extra spending money, I'm so going to Georgetown for a day. I saw the Intermix store and just about died with fashion lust.

On our way back to Springfield, we stopped by Pentagon City to have a snack/mini-dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe. While waiting in line, a mother and daughter fell in love with my bag and loved my personal style. Yesterday I wore my Delia's Morgan jeans, a coral and blue cami layered under a black knit babydoll top and my Reef flip-flops. I was carrying my beloved blue Rafe bag which is seriously the best bag ever and I can't wait for another Rafe line at Target.

So overall yesterday was lots of fun and I must visit D.C. again soon!