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Sale Time!

From August 30th to September 3rd, Express has their tees and tanks starting at $10 and essential short sleeve shirts for $15.50 and up. All their X2 jeans are also $20 off as well. I have a few tanks from Express and they often have a good selection of both dressy and casual so it's definitely worth checking out if you have a chance.

I'd definitely pair a tank with a longer cardigan and then belt it at the waist!


A huge thanks to Melissa & Sid from Q94 to feature me on their show this morning! You can check out Melissa's Fashionista Files here.

Check back this later evening for a massive post of more of my fall picks!

Jessica Simpson Josette D'Orsay Pump

So these are my one fall splurge... They're suprisingly comfy for an almost 4-inch heel!

PHOTO CREDIT: Baker's Shoes

The Bargainista Babe on Q94!

Check out the new Bargainista Babe segment tomorrow morning around 7:20am on Q94's morning show with Melissa & Sid! I'm so excited to be featured on their show and I will definitely update when I do another radio spot soon!

Now I need to do a write up some of my picks that will be featured on the show!

D.C. MiniRoadTrip

Yesterday my sister and I trekked up to Springfield and proceeded to Metro ourselves around Washington, D.C. to get out of the RVA for a day. Overall we had lots of fun but there were some scary moments like getting caught in the doors while boarding the Metro at Union Station. My sister is in a wheelchair and people seriously wouldn't move out the way to let us board the Metro car. We have learned that while D.C. may be handicap accessible, it sure isn't handicap friendly. Overall we had fun and lots of goofy moments. We originally planned to eat lunch at Union Station but their water was having issues so we headed to Chinatown and ate at a place called Wok & Roll. Mmm, Chinese food.

I'd never been to Georgetown in my life so we headed there... OMG, shopping galore. When I actually have extra spending money, I'm so going to Georgetown for a day. I saw the Intermix store and just about died with fashion lust.

On our way back to Springfield, we stopped by Pentagon City to have a snack/mini-dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe. While waiting in line, a mother and daughter fell in love with my bag and loved my personal style. Yesterday I wore my Delia's Morgan jeans, a coral and blue cami layered under a black knit babydoll top and my Reef flip-flops. I was carrying my beloved blue Rafe bag which is seriously the best bag ever and I can't wait for another Rafe line at Target.

So overall yesterday was lots of fun and I must visit D.C. again soon!

One of my fave pairs of jeans!

OK, I will admit that the first thing that comes to mind when you think Delia's as a mid-twenty-something is teeny-bopper. Yes, the store is usually packed with teens, tweens, and loud music but if you can get past that- you can find cute jeans and tops for cheap and chic prices. I love their Morgan Low-Rise Skinny Jean. Their jeans have a ton of stretch and usually feature a nice selection of washes (I like the ink rinse) and inseams (from 26" to 36" on quite a few pairs). The key to shopping at Delia's in the post-teeny-bopper age is to find basics. Avoid the printed tees, stick to solid colors, and brave the dressing room to try see what works for you!

Mmm, designer glasses...

Yes, I splurged. I needed it. Two pairs of Dolce & Gabbana glasses with Transitions lenses and an anti-glare coating as well.

One pair in eggplant and one in dark brown - both with moss green accents. I already love the Transitions lenses so no more worrying about switching between sunglasses and regular glasses!

Photo Credit: http://www.go-optic.com

Blogging Tidbits

So I've been part grieving and part trying to stay busy since I'm now single again... Of course part of me is still hoping we'll get back together at some point but I honestly don't know where things are going to go.

. . .

In good news, I'm getting new glasses with the Transitions lenses since I'll be back to spending a lot of time outdoors with my county job. I picked up two pairs of D&G frames from PearleVision. They're the same frame but two totally different colors. One's fuschia with green on the insides and one's tortoise with green as well. So I'll have two pairs to rotate out and go with my outfits. Yes, I'm spending a decent amount of money on these but they had a 6-month-no-interest deal. So my monthly payments are totally doable for glasses I love and that I got not just out of necessity.

. . .

Just to let you know that my stylist Michelle has moved to Textures Hair Salon and Day Spa. So if you're in the Richmond area and you need a great cut, give her a call.

. . .

I checked out Halcyon the first time on Monday and I picked up an adorable vintage 1960's dress. I can actually wear it year round!

It's a bittersweet symphony, that's life.

So I'm going to attempt to use this blog as therapy...

I just hit a major rough spot and as for now, my boyfriend and I are not together. I will always love him and he is going through his own issues right now that he needs to fix if we are to possibly pursue things in the future.


On that note, any good de-puffing eye creams?

Belles of the Belle launch party!

Myself and the lovely ChicArmoire!

Living the life of a socialite.

Tonight was the big Belle launch party at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The always fabulous ChicArmoire and I had a good time chatting, mingling, and enjoying the Patron Cosmopolitans which were enjoyed with plenty of water. Overall I had a blast! There were some definite style worthy people there but then there were some who I was thinking that they should have gone back home and changed. As usual, I saw a lot of black outfits. Yay for wearing color!

On a side note, I totally wish I could rock the super smoky eyes that I saw on many... Unfortunately I think I am too pale and no matter how much bronzer that I put on, I still won't be tan enough. Oh well.

ps. M.A.C.'s Goldmode pigment from Rushmetal is my new love (in makeup land that is)!!!

I need shoes. Now!

So my lovely gal pal ChicArmoire has invited me to the Belle magazine launch party and we're both having "OMG, what to wear?" moments. I am 90% sure I'm going to wear this dress. I'm still in a tizzy about shoes. Eeek. I'm meeting another gal pal this morning to go shoe shopping. I'm hoping to find something cute, chic, and cheap. If all else fails, I have good ol' basic black pumps but I want to mix it up a bit.

Choices, choices.

The Mascara Diaries

So I've tried a slew of mascaras in my lifetime, from drugstore to department store... I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mascara. My latest pick is BonneBell Eye Style Mascara which caught my eye while roaming Wal-Mart and according to the package, it is a Seventeen Reader's Choice award. So far it's giving me a decent amount of length and lots of definition. As much as I love volume, I can't stand the clumps and smears that usually go along with volumizing mascaras.

I did read some reviews on MakeupAlley and a few reviews suggested to add more coats of the Eye Style Mascara for extra volume. So we'll see... So far I'm liking this one a lot and costs around three bucks. So another cheap and chic find.