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Lots o' new stuff!

I need to seriously start updating in small little bits as opposed to one giant entry like this one is going to morph into...

Last Monday (July 9th) I had lunch with the fabulous ChicArmoire and it was so nice to catch up with her and gossip/talk fashion/etc. I proceeded to head over to Regency Square which houses the only Sephora and Forever21 in the metro Richmond area. To be honest, I was rather disgusted with Sephora since no one bothered to greet me or even give a nod in my direction. *sigh* I poked around there for a good 15 minutes and left. So instead I spent my money on a pair of $10 pants at Express as well as some sale earrings and a t-shirt for my boyfriend. I decided to pop into The Body Shop and both of the sales associates there were very knowledgeable and nice! I bought two concealers - Lightening Touch and the Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer. I know it's sad that I now use three concealers on a consistent basis but it's a pain to rid myself of those dark circles, shadows, and leftover acne marks. I also like Physicians Formula's Conceal Rx. So I have a habit of mixing my concealers to fit my needs...

I spent the rest of the week working and then after much deliberation, I decided to get my hair cut again... This time it's even shorter but sassier! My stylist Michelle and I both felt that Victoria Beckham's latest look would suit me quite well. This is definitely a great cut for fine, thin hair like mine. However, because this look is so angled and sharp - proper makeup application is a must with this look. At the bare minimum, brows must be done and blush/bronzer applied to enhance the facial bone structure. I've been sticking to similar variations of an angled bob for the last few years and I was finally ready for a big change! I definitely need to post my own pictures of my new cut!

On Sunday I ran over to Delia's on my lunch break and picked up a pair of their Morgan Low-Rise Skinny jeans. They had a deal where if you tried on any pair of jeans, you got a $10 gift card. I also picked up in orange and white the Solid Ruby V-Neck which is great layered with a cami or two underneath. We all know I'm all about the layers!

Now I need to hop in the shower and get ready for work... Hopefully my next post won't be as long and as sporadic!

PHOTO CREDIT: People Magazine