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I know I've procrastinated on this...

Eek! Swimsuit season is definitely here! I still haven't bought one but I've kept my eye on this one from Victoria's Secret for a while. I'm a bit paranoid of online shopping especially when it regards things like bras and swimwear where fit is essential. My swimwear dilemma involves having a fuller bust but with a 34 band size and a relatively small bottom half. So if I really had the urge to go swim at a topless beach, I'd have no issues shopping for swimwear off the clearance rack at Target. *sigh* So my options are somewhat sparse. I also liked this brown and turquoise tankini but I like the metal hardware on my first choice better. Oh, the decisions.

I do need a swimsuit soon though because my new place does have a hot tub and my fellow housemate is throwing a hot tub party very soon!

PHOTO CREDIT: Victoria's Secret