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The perfect summer bag?


Isn't it cute? The best thing is that it's large enough to tote all my junk with me... I've made efforts to "downsize" my purse load and haven't quite done that. I was briefly looking at my purse collection and realizing that I can't fit my stuff into most of my purses. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind if I donated a couple of my handbags to her... So now I'm back to carrying my chartreuse snakeskin bag since the red bag I've been carrying decided to kick the bucket... I suppose that's what I get for spending $10 on a purse but it should have lasted more than a couple months in my opinion. I've also been eyeing some of the Rafe For Target purses too. I've been so good about not shopping but "the itch" is coming back.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nordstrom.com