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So long, farewell...

So I'm saying adios to my 'rents place and finally moving out! I'll have two awesome roommates, a totally cute house, and a bit of freedom. So I plan to start moving stuff this weekend!


I am totally EXCITED!!!

. . .

Yes, I've been plotting this for a while but also budgeting the finances and stuff so that way I'm not completely broke as a joke while doing this. Perhaps it's a good thing that I'm not having the urge to shop. It's a sign?

The perfect summer bag?


Isn't it cute? The best thing is that it's large enough to tote all my junk with me... I've made efforts to "downsize" my purse load and haven't quite done that. I was briefly looking at my purse collection and realizing that I can't fit my stuff into most of my purses. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind if I donated a couple of my handbags to her... So now I'm back to carrying my chartreuse snakeskin bag since the red bag I've been carrying decided to kick the bucket... I suppose that's what I get for spending $10 on a purse but it should have lasted more than a couple months in my opinion. I've also been eyeing some of the Rafe For Target purses too. I've been so good about not shopping but "the itch" is coming back.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nordstrom.com

To the RVA area...

I just found out City Shoes in Carytown is closing... While I have yet to purchase anything there, I have ooh-ed and ahh-ed over their cute selection. It's a bummer though because I know ChicArmoire frequents that store!

City Shoes, you will be missed! xoxo

Cheap & Chic

Just a heads up to all glasses wearing ladies and gents, GO TO COSTCO!!! I kid you not. They've got affordable chic frames as well as some high-end but still affordable choices as well such as Kate Spade and Dolce&Gabbana. I chose a pair by B.U.M. Equipment that are tortoise with sky blue on the inside. I was more concerned about finding a frame that fit my face and my style and less about brand. So with the newly shorter hair and new glasses, I'll need to give myself a new profile picture very soon!

I'm also doing the unthinkable and attempting to grow out my brows on one side. One brow is damn near perfect and the other is a bit sparse on the end. Ugh. Thank goodness for my 99 cent Wet & Wild pencil to fill in the sparse bits!

Anyways, I think I might have overdone the blogging for today. It's now time to tackle housework!


I've finally got the mobile blogging feature set up and I can now blog via my LG VX8300 cell phone! Which would be quite handy if I saw something cute while out shopping and I wanted to share with the rest of you in Blogger land.

So the previous two entries below are indeed camera phone pictures but I must say that the quality on those are quite nice!

. . .

On a whim this weekend, I purchased the L'Oreal StudioLine Unkempt Out Of Bed Weightless Texturizer. This product gives great texture, style, and a bit of definition to my fine hair that is usually weighed down by most hair products. My hair has actually had volume and style today when it normally falls flat in most cases! So for all you short haired girls, especially those with fine/thin hair - you need to check this out!

I'm trying to get back into beauty and fashion blogging because I've been M.I.A. for way too long!

This is only a test...

Just trying out the Blogger Mobile feature!

Little things that make me smile!

Cue the gushy moment... A pink rose from my sweetheart! He's the best!