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Oh, CVS how I love thee.

I can literally spend a good hour or so in CVS. "Why?" do you ask my friends? Other than me being uber-indecisive about to purchase, it's almost a drugstore beauty mecca of lotions, potions, and potentially good deals on makeup. I'm a huge fan of the ExtraCare program - who doesn't like coupons and deals? While poking around in there this morning, I've decided to give their CVS Pharmacy Eye Lifting Serum a try considering I had a $2.50 off any CVS brand purchase of $10.00 or more coupon. I'm not going to name drop but this seems to be a dupe of a rather well known brand. The price point is good (under $15 normally) and I definitely like the texture and feel when I applied it. It's supposed to help with dark circles so I'll keep you all posted on how it works out for me because I seriously want the shadows and discoloration to go far, far away!