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White Concealer?

I've always been plagued with dark circles under my eyes no matter what eye cream/gel I use or even if I get tons of sleep. It's partly due to having very pale skin so every little blemish or discoloration stands out easily. However, you know it's gotten bad when your boyfriend who doesn't mind you without makeup notices them while you're wearing a full face! Yikes.

Lately I've been using CoverGirl's CG Smoothers Concealer in #705 Fair (the pinkish tone slightly balances out the blue-ness of the dark circles) with L'Oreal's Infallible Concealer in Fair/Light over it with a light dusting of Everyday Minerals Intensive Fair Concealer on top. Still, the dark circles tend to show through...

While perusing through the cosmetic aisles at Wal-Mart this evening, I stumbled upon Max Factor's Erace Secret Cover-Up with a shade that's actually slightly paler than my skin - #221 White. I figured what the heck, I'll try this! After leaving Wal-Mart, I rushed to my car and put some on underneath my eyes using my rearview mirror and it actually brightened that dark undereye area quite a bit. I shall try it tomorrow underneath my regular concealer routine because I don't want to have the circles under my eyes "highlighted" instead (reverse raccoon eyes - LOL). I just want my eyes to look brighter and less tired looking!

I shall keep you all posted on my beauty adventure with white concealer!