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The weather this weekend's been gorgeous. Yes, I've worked all weekend but spending some time in the fresh air for my lunch/dinner breaks has been amazing. That's a major benefit of working at an "outdoor mall" that fresh air is readily available!

I've seriously been debating cutting a great deal of my hair off. It's currently an angled bob - shorter in the back and longer on the front/sides with side-swept bangs. I'm approaching almost two months of not having it cut so I'm probably due for a trim but part of me wants to cut a good couple inches off. Besides, I don't have the patience nor the desire to grow it out long enough to reach my shoulders. It's already become a pain to blow-dry lately! I'm a short hair girl at heart. I'm also realizing I'm a blonde at heart too because I'm gradually bleaching it back to it's former state of blonde-ness before I went dark for barely a month. Blondes have more fun, right?

My gal-pal "J" has the cutest haircut right now which I totally want to steal.

I will probably give my stylist Michelle a call and see if she can fit me in this week. I need to at least get my ends trimmed. If not more... Snippity-snip.

If anyone has any hair suggestions, let me know!!!