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So the last couple days have been a bit of craziness but it's all good. I'm starting two new jobs as of April 16 - one's at a school and one's a department transfer at my current gig of retail awesomeness. So I'm dropping down to part-time and moving to the new department at my current job and I'll most likely be working a couple nights a week and one of the weekend days.

I'll be working part-time/full-time flex for the summer since my school job will give me summers off. I unfortunately won't get paid for this summer for working at the school because I'm starting so late... However, next summer I plan to take a full load of courses (18 credits) and do minimal part-time at the retail gig.

Yes, I'll still be busy as ever but I kind of like it... Yes, I'm a weirdly demented workaholic.

All I can say is that state benefits will be lovely with this school job!

. . .

I wish I had something fashion-able to update on other than I love these pants a.k.a. I bought two pairs though they run terribly tiny and I didn't feel the need to have them plastered to my rear end. So I do have some "Daisy Dollars" to redeem starting April 5 (as in $25 off a $50 purchase) so I'm thinking I'll just pick up more pants. Every girl needs new black pants!