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Aqua eyeshadow done right...

I have a feeling that MAC's Aquadisiac Eyeshadow is going to be a staple during allergy season. While doing my usual neutral look, I decided to add a sheer dusting of Aquadisiac on my lids and voila - the pale aqua color visually lessens appearance of allergy redness in my eyes. The secret is to swipe your eyeshadow brush once over the color and then tap the handle on the back of your hand so the extra color comes off. Voila! A sheer pale aqua color that doesn't look garish especially blended into neutrals.

ps. The usual neutral look is MAC's Fairylite and Lily White Pigments mixed together in my trusty Sephora Powder Jar with Sifter. A pale shimmery neutral from lid to brow and a bit of liner is what I use on a consistent basis. I always start with my neutral "base" and go on from there if I feel like doing color.

Now I need to get coffee en route to my orientation (i.e. filling out my paperwork) for my new county job!