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Daily Maintenance

So... I swear by Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Soap from Lavender Fields Farm but I've been looking for a good face cleanser to keep in my overnight bag for when I stay the night at my boyfriend's house. Toting a bar of soap around isn't an easy task and I've been using these Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes from Sally Beauty Supply that I've had in my stash but my skin never feels clean and it usually takes at least two of them to remove all the remnants of mascara and eyeshadow and I'm not fond of how my face feels afterwards. My dear friend Ana suggested I should try Kiehl's Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser so I picked up a bottle of that and as well as the Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner. So far I'm impressed with both products and the Kiehl's definitely removed all my eye makeup like my beloved soap. So tossing a bottle into my bag is a better solution than those wipes and I'm using something that's good for my skin!

I spent a good portion of last night in front of the magnifying mirror damn near obsessively plucking the brows but I've slacked off lately with the brow maintenance and I noticed a crop of semi-blonde hairs had attacked my arches. Eeek! Yes, I do fill my brows in for some much needed definition but I often get the most hair regrowth in the spots I don't need it! I'll double check my work this morning post-showering. Straggly brows don't look good on anyone!

Can anyone suggest a good eye cream that helps eliminate dark circles? I feel like I'm applying gobs of concealer with no avail and it still looks dark in spots. This St. Ives stuff is the best for keeping puffiness down to a minimum but the darkness is still there! I've tried MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream too and while it feels great on the eyes, the darkness still prevails.

On a side note, as much as I love my Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara - the waterproof version and I are learning we do not get along. The stuff flakes like crazy on me and so now that's going in the trashcan. I wish I could find a 100% smudge and flake proof mascara but I'm not having much luck.

Aqua eyeshadow done right...

I have a feeling that MAC's Aquadisiac Eyeshadow is going to be a staple during allergy season. While doing my usual neutral look, I decided to add a sheer dusting of Aquadisiac on my lids and voila - the pale aqua color visually lessens appearance of allergy redness in my eyes. The secret is to swipe your eyeshadow brush once over the color and then tap the handle on the back of your hand so the extra color comes off. Voila! A sheer pale aqua color that doesn't look garish especially blended into neutrals.

ps. The usual neutral look is MAC's Fairylite and Lily White Pigments mixed together in my trusty Sephora Powder Jar with Sifter. A pale shimmery neutral from lid to brow and a bit of liner is what I use on a consistent basis. I always start with my neutral "base" and go on from there if I feel like doing color.

Now I need to get coffee en route to my orientation (i.e. filling out my paperwork) for my new county job!


So the last couple days have been a bit of craziness but it's all good. I'm starting two new jobs as of April 16 - one's at a school and one's a department transfer at my current gig of retail awesomeness. So I'm dropping down to part-time and moving to the new department at my current job and I'll most likely be working a couple nights a week and one of the weekend days.

I'll be working part-time/full-time flex for the summer since my school job will give me summers off. I unfortunately won't get paid for this summer for working at the school because I'm starting so late... However, next summer I plan to take a full load of courses (18 credits) and do minimal part-time at the retail gig.

Yes, I'll still be busy as ever but I kind of like it... Yes, I'm a weirdly demented workaholic.

All I can say is that state benefits will be lovely with this school job!

. . .

I wish I had something fashion-able to update on other than I love these pants a.k.a. I bought two pairs though they run terribly tiny and I didn't feel the need to have them plastered to my rear end. So I do have some "Daisy Dollars" to redeem starting April 5 (as in $25 off a $50 purchase) so I'm thinking I'll just pick up more pants. Every girl needs new black pants!

A cut above!

So last Thursday I finally got my hair cut... My stylist Michelle at the Alexander Cahen Hair Studio wouldn't let me cut it all off but we compromised (since I did take forever to grow it out) and the back is cut higher so it's more angled on the sides. I'm going to attempt to take some pictures of it so my description makes a little more sense. I can spike out the back if I want or leave it "normal" but there's a nice usage of texture and layers.

I've stumbled upon the Texturize! line by Pantene Pro-V thanks to my manager's recommendations (well, she was nice and bought it for me to try out - I totally wasn't expecting it). I've got the Moussing Foam Wax which is great because I can use it in damp or dry hair and it's not as heavy as most waxes. The hold on the Ultimate Texture Hairspray is pretty darn strong so I'll probably keep that as a must-have.

I'm still playing around with my new hair and getting used to the cut since a good couple inches were snipped off! I'll try to post pics sometime this week but they might be camera phone ones for the sake of convenience.

Mmm, denim.

For the first time in my life, I'm seriously lusting over a pair of designer jeans. Yes, I do have a secret obsession for True Religion (love the pockets and the stitching details) but I don't own any because I can't fathom spending about $150 and up on a pair of jeans. However, the Citizens of Humanity 'Paley' Ankle Length Stretch Jeans are calling my name. For my 5'1" self, they are the PERFECT inseam for skinny jeans. I'm not kidding. I'm impatient and I hate having to get things altered. I have a pair of Vigoss trouser jeans just sitting in my car, ready to be hemmed since I've washed them and put them in the dryer to shrink up the length. I just need to get off my butt and get them hemmed.

Then again, I need more jeans like I need a hole in my head. Seriously. I really should be buying more dress pants, right?


The weather this weekend's been gorgeous. Yes, I've worked all weekend but spending some time in the fresh air for my lunch/dinner breaks has been amazing. That's a major benefit of working at an "outdoor mall" that fresh air is readily available!

I've seriously been debating cutting a great deal of my hair off. It's currently an angled bob - shorter in the back and longer on the front/sides with side-swept bangs. I'm approaching almost two months of not having it cut so I'm probably due for a trim but part of me wants to cut a good couple inches off. Besides, I don't have the patience nor the desire to grow it out long enough to reach my shoulders. It's already become a pain to blow-dry lately! I'm a short hair girl at heart. I'm also realizing I'm a blonde at heart too because I'm gradually bleaching it back to it's former state of blonde-ness before I went dark for barely a month. Blondes have more fun, right?

My gal-pal "J" has the cutest haircut right now which I totally want to steal.

I will probably give my stylist Michelle a call and see if she can fit me in this week. I need to at least get my ends trimmed. If not more... Snippity-snip.

If anyone has any hair suggestions, let me know!!!

White Concealer?

I've always been plagued with dark circles under my eyes no matter what eye cream/gel I use or even if I get tons of sleep. It's partly due to having very pale skin so every little blemish or discoloration stands out easily. However, you know it's gotten bad when your boyfriend who doesn't mind you without makeup notices them while you're wearing a full face! Yikes.

Lately I've been using CoverGirl's CG Smoothers Concealer in #705 Fair (the pinkish tone slightly balances out the blue-ness of the dark circles) with L'Oreal's Infallible Concealer in Fair/Light over it with a light dusting of Everyday Minerals Intensive Fair Concealer on top. Still, the dark circles tend to show through...

While perusing through the cosmetic aisles at Wal-Mart this evening, I stumbled upon Max Factor's Erace Secret Cover-Up with a shade that's actually slightly paler than my skin - #221 White. I figured what the heck, I'll try this! After leaving Wal-Mart, I rushed to my car and put some on underneath my eyes using my rearview mirror and it actually brightened that dark undereye area quite a bit. I shall try it tomorrow underneath my regular concealer routine because I don't want to have the circles under my eyes "highlighted" instead (reverse raccoon eyes - LOL). I just want my eyes to look brighter and less tired looking!

I shall keep you all posted on my beauty adventure with white concealer!