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Shopping Diaries

When in shopping for sale/clearance items, I believe that purchasing something is truly meant to be if the said item is still there a week after lusting for it but waiting on it because you didn't have enough money to budget it at that moment. I have just a bit of a penchant for leopard print and if worn correctly, it can balance between fun and classy. So I was in shock to discover that this shirt was still waiting for me after a week and I had to snag it off the clearance rack yesterday after much deliberation. It fits me PERFECTLY especially around the the bust area which I often have a love/hate relationship with due to the ample amount of "boobage" in that area.

I know it's only February but summer is just around the corner which means finding a swimsuit. *runs&hides* This is what Victoria's Secret website is offering so far in regards to DD sizes. There's only ONE tankini? Great. I could hypothetically stuff myself into last years bikini but I'd literally have to remain in a stationary location due to the potential of over-cleavage and something popping out.

. . .

In other news, I can upgrade to a new cell phone tomorrow! I've been scouring the reviews on Cnet.com and I think I'm going to end up with the LG VX8300. I originally wanted the LG VX8600 but the camera doesn't have a built-in flash so I'll pass on that.