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Proenza Schouler/V-Day-ness

So I've briefly checked out the GO International Proenza Schouler line at Target and I've fallen in love with this dress. Upon reading the reviews though, it's not "boob friendly." Go figure. I need to actually go try on some of the stuff.

In reality, I probably don't need more clothes.

I do need to pick up a new red or pink camisole because Valentine's Day is Wednesday and I've been invited to a Singles Are Awesome (S.A.A.) party so I need to look festive, right? I swear my go-to outfit lately has been some form of a black v-neck sweater with a colored camisole underneath paired with jeans or black dress pants. Simple, easy, and it ALWAYS looks good. So I'm thinking that combo but with dark cuffed jeans and my sexy as hell black and gold lace pumps. Oh, the possible ideas of what to wear...

On a technological side note, I'm due for a new cell phone soon and I can upgrade on the 20th. I'm possibly thinking of the LG VX8600 or the the LG VX8300 that one of my friend's just bought. Choices, choices.