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Mineral Foundations

So I've tried my hand at using mineral foundation before - most specifically Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder which I had bought on a whim at Wal-Mart. My only complaint about the product is that you have to blend it just right otherwise the powder will cake up in some spots.

I've heard good things about Everyday Minerals so I figured I'd give their free sample kit a try and you only have to pay for shipping. So far I'm really like their products and the makeup is extremely fine milled. You get your choice of three foundations, a concealer, and a blush/face color. I am absolutely in love with the Light Pink blush/face color because it gives me a nice natural looking glow. Out of my samples - the Neutral MultiTasking Intensive formula is my favorite because it blends into my skin perfectly on a "pale day" as well as when I use my liquid bronzer underneath to give myself a little more color.

I'm definitely debating ordering from Everyday Minerals once I use up some of my "stockpile" of products. MAC's Studio Fix Fluid used to be a top foundation choice but I now feel like the coverage is a bit heavy sometimes.

There's plenty more things I should fill you in on beauty and fashion wise but I need to head off to the dentist momentarily.

Shopping Diaries

When in shopping for sale/clearance items, I believe that purchasing something is truly meant to be if the said item is still there a week after lusting for it but waiting on it because you didn't have enough money to budget it at that moment. I have just a bit of a penchant for leopard print and if worn correctly, it can balance between fun and classy. So I was in shock to discover that this shirt was still waiting for me after a week and I had to snag it off the clearance rack yesterday after much deliberation. It fits me PERFECTLY especially around the the bust area which I often have a love/hate relationship with due to the ample amount of "boobage" in that area.

I know it's only February but summer is just around the corner which means finding a swimsuit. *runs&hides* This is what Victoria's Secret website is offering so far in regards to DD sizes. There's only ONE tankini? Great. I could hypothetically stuff myself into last years bikini but I'd literally have to remain in a stationary location due to the potential of over-cleavage and something popping out.

. . .

In other news, I can upgrade to a new cell phone tomorrow! I've been scouring the reviews on Cnet.com and I think I'm going to end up with the LG VX8300. I originally wanted the LG VX8600 but the camera doesn't have a built-in flash so I'll pass on that.

More V-day ness...

So I've solved the "what to wear" dilemma for Valentine's Day. Considering I earned a little mini-bonus and I received some Valentine's cash from a couple relatives, I had money to splurge buy something new and not worry about "budgeting." So I've now added another little black dress to the wardrobe but it was something I've had my eye on and I figured something new and sassy would be a good choice. I can make it totally "work appropriate" with a cami underneath and paired with a blazer or cardigan.

So for the infamous V-day, I plan to wear the new dress with a new red cami underneath for a bit of color. The shoes of choice will be my hella sexy black and gold lace pumps and I'll either wear my black velvet wrap or some variation of a cardigan because it's seriously been FREEZING COLD.

I'm debating on what kind of wine to bring (of course I'll probably stick with a Riesling) and I'll probably bring some munchies as well.

YAY FOR PARTIES!!! The hostess was quite pleased at my decision to dress up, this shall be fun!

. . .

Here's a random quote du jour found on my sister's away message on AIM:

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." -Leo Buscaglia

Proenza Schouler/V-Day-ness

So I've briefly checked out the GO International Proenza Schouler line at Target and I've fallen in love with this dress. Upon reading the reviews though, it's not "boob friendly." Go figure. I need to actually go try on some of the stuff.

In reality, I probably don't need more clothes.

I do need to pick up a new red or pink camisole because Valentine's Day is Wednesday and I've been invited to a Singles Are Awesome (S.A.A.) party so I need to look festive, right? I swear my go-to outfit lately has been some form of a black v-neck sweater with a colored camisole underneath paired with jeans or black dress pants. Simple, easy, and it ALWAYS looks good. So I'm thinking that combo but with dark cuffed jeans and my sexy as hell black and gold lace pumps. Oh, the possible ideas of what to wear...

On a technological side note, I'm due for a new cell phone soon and I can upgrade on the 20th. I'm possibly thinking of the LG VX8600 or the the LG VX8300 that one of my friend's just bought. Choices, choices.