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"Dear Feet, I hope you're happy now..."

So for once in my life, I actually found a comfortable pair of high heels. Imagine that! I ended up trying on and buying the "Head Over Heels" style by Seychelles. I wasn't planning on buying new black pumps immediately but I had been doing some comparison shopping the last few weeks. I've heard good things about Seychelles especially that they're both comfortable and stylish. Today was a moment of desperation though because I was wearing my "wicked black heels of death" and after almost four hours of wear on a concrete floor, the idea of Botox-ing ALL the nerves in my feet felt like an appealing idea. I was hoping to have a "your's truly is woman enough to handle almost three inch heels with a super pointy toe" sort of day but my feet had other ideas. So now say hello to my new shoes! I've been seriously tempted by the new spring shoes but I felt that new black pumps with a bit of flair and comfort would be a better shopping decision in the long run. I'm trying to buy smart and add in pieces that will enhance my wardrobe.

On my way home from work, I stopped by CVS since my beloved Maybelline mascara is buy one, get one free! Their Full 'n Soft is seriously the best stuff ever! I also ended up buying a Cristophe Beverly Hills headband in black snakeskin which goes quite nicely with the new shoes! It's just match-y enough to look put together and headbands are great for days that I really don't want to attempt straightening my hair!