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Baby, it's cold outside.

I can't believe I've already nicked the covered heel on my new Seychelles. Fabulous. Please note the sarcastic notation of "fabulous." Thankfully my mother had some leather/vinyl glue and fixed them right up. I'll just add a coat of shoe polish to conceal things a bit. Besides, 95% of the time I'd be wearing them with pants so the heel won't show anyways.

Today I shall try my hardest to escape a case of the Monday's due to the cold weather and the snow/sleet/rain combo mix that happened yesterday. I plan to wear my Aussie Dog boots with my Old Navy Special Edition Skinny jeans tucked in and some sort of sweater paired with some fun jewelry to sass it up. I'm trying to go for comfort today. I'm sure the parking lot shall be icky when I arrive and when I leave since it will be well after dark and temperatures will be dropping. So hence the boots to keep me from slipping and falling on my butt!

I seriously can't wait for spring! I've been so spoiled by the mild winter weather but now it's starting to get chilly!