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Drugstore Faves

While my makeup collection mainly consists of MAC as well as some Clinique and Smashbox, there are some FABULOUS products that I swear by that you can pick up at your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss: I happen to own both the Pink Afterglow and Glossy Rose colors. They go on really smooth and there's minimal stickiness. Yes, I admit I just picked up the Glossy Rose shade today while at Big Lots - TWO PACK FOR $3.00!!!) Glossy Rose a nice shade of pink/rose with some neutral tones for daytime wear but I could always pair a darker or brighter lipstick or liner to snazz it up. I have a feeling this Glossy Rose color is going to become a lipgloss staple for me! The Pink Afterglow shade does go on very sheer and it is a bit glittery but it's still a nice "enhance your natural lip tone" color.

Wet 'n Wild Eyebrow Pencil: I swear by #648 Taupe because it's neutral enough to go with many a hair color change. Since I just dyed my former blonde-ish hair brown with some red and gold tones, I've been using the Taupe pencil and then adding a little bit of MAC's "Folie" Eyeshadow and sealing it with some brow wax.

N.Y.C. Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers: This product is worth it just for the brow wax alone even if the three shades offered don't coordinate to your brow color of choice.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation: This stuff seriously works despite the insanely affordable price tag. If you are slightly curious about trying a lip plumper, check this one out!

So there's a few drugstore items that happily reside in my makeup bag (ok, well on top of my dresser)! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


Baby, it's cold outside.

I can't believe I've already nicked the covered heel on my new Seychelles. Fabulous. Please note the sarcastic notation of "fabulous." Thankfully my mother had some leather/vinyl glue and fixed them right up. I'll just add a coat of shoe polish to conceal things a bit. Besides, 95% of the time I'd be wearing them with pants so the heel won't show anyways.

Today I shall try my hardest to escape a case of the Monday's due to the cold weather and the snow/sleet/rain combo mix that happened yesterday. I plan to wear my Aussie Dog boots with my Old Navy Special Edition Skinny jeans tucked in and some sort of sweater paired with some fun jewelry to sass it up. I'm trying to go for comfort today. I'm sure the parking lot shall be icky when I arrive and when I leave since it will be well after dark and temperatures will be dropping. So hence the boots to keep me from slipping and falling on my butt!

I seriously can't wait for spring! I've been so spoiled by the mild winter weather but now it's starting to get chilly!

"Dear Feet, I hope you're happy now..."

So for once in my life, I actually found a comfortable pair of high heels. Imagine that! I ended up trying on and buying the "Head Over Heels" style by Seychelles. I wasn't planning on buying new black pumps immediately but I had been doing some comparison shopping the last few weeks. I've heard good things about Seychelles especially that they're both comfortable and stylish. Today was a moment of desperation though because I was wearing my "wicked black heels of death" and after almost four hours of wear on a concrete floor, the idea of Botox-ing ALL the nerves in my feet felt like an appealing idea. I was hoping to have a "your's truly is woman enough to handle almost three inch heels with a super pointy toe" sort of day but my feet had other ideas. So now say hello to my new shoes! I've been seriously tempted by the new spring shoes but I felt that new black pumps with a bit of flair and comfort would be a better shopping decision in the long run. I'm trying to buy smart and add in pieces that will enhance my wardrobe.

On my way home from work, I stopped by CVS since my beloved Maybelline mascara is buy one, get one free! Their Full 'n Soft is seriously the best stuff ever! I also ended up buying a Cristophe Beverly Hills headband in black snakeskin which goes quite nicely with the new shoes! It's just match-y enough to look put together and headbands are great for days that I really don't want to attempt straightening my hair!

Something I just don't understand...

I have never understood why ladies have the need to drag their male significant others into Victoria's Secret with them to go lingerie shopping. Besides, he's probably going to see it on you once you bring your purchases home anyways...

Myself as well as my mother have witnessed some poor boyfriend or husband being pulled around by an invisible dog collar and chain in Victoria's Secret countless times. I personally find it to be quite humorous but I feel sorry for the guys.

I will admit than in my case, bra shopping is an adventure unless I'm buying a Body By Victoria Shaping Full Coverage bra because I know it fits perfectly. I'm also fan of the Emma Collection Full Figure Bra. So for all of you holding it down in the DD crew, there's my top two bra picks!

. . .

In other news, I can't wait for the Barbie Loves MAC collection to come out! I'm seriously buying two of Moth Brown eyeshadow as backups. This color is essential if I want to rock a smokey eye but it's also great to use as a liner for everyday looks! Yesterday I picked up Glissade Mineralized Skinfinish from my MAC counter - it's my one purchase from the Danse collection! Overall, I wasn't super impressed with Danse but I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and pick up a Glissade MSF. I already own Petticoat and Shimpagne MSF's from last collections so I figured I'd acquire a third!