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Dove Cool Moisture

For Christmas I actually received a nice lot of beauty products, including a Dove Cool Moisture gift set from Grandma with the Beauty Body Lotion, Body Wash, and the Beauty Bar soap. I've tried the soap and the lotion, I've yet to try the body wash. The scent is nice and light with a cucumber and green tea fragrance. I am definitely loving the lotion and absorbs into my skin fairly quickly leaving it soft but not greasy! I'll admit I usually don't buy Dove because I'm usually a Suave girl but treats are always nice. I have a bad habit of misplacing my lotion so I'm now trying to keep one in my room and one in the bathroom so I can be constantly moisturized with this dry weather.

I need to finish up laundry and getting ready so I can go shopping. Christmas money is already burning a hole in my pocket... I briefly checked out H&M yesterday but I didn't have time to really dig through the racks. So I'll hit up Short Pump Town Center and Regency in a little bit.

I'll keep you posted if I find anything good!

Blogging On The Run: My New Silver Shoes

On Wednesday I found these fab Kenneth Cole Reaction heels at Ross for just under $20.00! They're perfect "going out" shoes and the rubber sole makes them fairly comfortable. I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday. :-)

Bargainista Babe: New Years Eve

Hello all! Massive apologies for the lack there of posting... Finals kicked my butt but I managed to survive with a B in Survey of Economics and a C in Marketing Management. I'm on "winter break" from my county job so I am working full-time for my always fabulous retail gig for some extra cash. Classes start back up again January 7th and hopefully taking Business Leadership as well as Spreadsheet Software (Excel) won't be too taxing!

Earlier this week on Wednesday, I managed to record my Bargainista Babe spot for Q94's Melissa and Sid which aired on Thursday morning. I haven't heard the official end result myself but I talked to a few who caught it on air and said it was really good.

So here's a re-cap of what I featured!

You always want to look fabulous on New Years Eve and a classic little black dress (L.B.D.) is always a good choice. My two picks are by Old Navy and AB Studio at Kohl's. Both dresses feature empire waists which are great if you enjoyed a bit more than your fair share of cookies, fudge and other holiday delights. The AB Studio dress is good for covering up any "arm jiggle" but still shows a bit of tasteful cleavage (sounds like an oxymoron but trust me on this one).

A great dress always needs a great pair of shoes to go with it! I've liked some of the shoes for the Hollywould line at Target, these red shoes are too cute and will add a nice pop of color to your outfit. Check out the matching clutch too!

I'm still a Payless girl at heart so check out their massive collection of cute party shoes. Ladies, remember that you do need a bit of a heel when wearing empire waist dresses so you don't look frumpy and make sure to wear your heels around the house a bit to break them in before New Year's Eve!

If you decide to stick with a black or metallic shoe, why not add some color with some fun footless or patterned tights in a bright color! Target always has a great selection of fun hosiery but also check out DOTS, Ross, T.J. Maxx, and K&G Fashion Superstore as well. You never know what you might find! DOTS also has a good selection of cute metallic and sequined clutches so if you want to go the metallic route for a handbag, check them out!

For jewelry I'd suggest a pair of dangly earrings and a cute bangle. Target has a cute jewelry selection including their Marvella line. A fun pair of earrings will work for New Year's Eve as well as any fancy event or to dress up a simple outfit.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy holiday season! Happy New Year too!!!

A little pampering never hurts anyone!

Considering it's finals week combined with the stress of two jobs, PMS, and a migraine yesterday - I needed some rest and relaxation! I had an appointment booked for a facial at Let's Face It which is a new day spa that opened near the Short Pump Town Center. I chose the Alpha Beta Clearing Facial and let me tell you, they pamper you like crazy. All of their facials include a back, shoulder, neck, facial, and scalp massage as well as the hands and feet covered in lotion and placed into these awesome heated mitts and booties. My hands and feet are super soft now! I will admit my skin looks AMAZING and quite a few of the blackheads are gone. I definitely plan to splurge and try to get an Alpha Beta Peel Treatment every couple of months to help clear out more "junk" from my skin but my fabulous aesthetician Erin said my skin was in overall pretty good shape.

So if you're looking to treat yourself or someone else during the holidays, give Let's Face It a call at (804)364-1112. They've got lots of great specials going on so call to find out!

Blogging On The Run: (Finally) A Picture Of My New Boots!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! There's nothing like a pair of new boots to get you in the mood for winter.


So the lovely ChicArmoire requested I show off my new boots I ordered from Nordstrom.com. I should be able to upload a picture later on in the day but here's the link to the Trotter's Audrey boots online.

. . .

I'm in a migraine induced fog today so back to being passed out on the couch... Ugh.

We all know I love free stuff...

Thanks to my beauty blogging buddy Ellen over at Lipstick Powder 'n Paint, I won this cute Bombshell Starlet-to-go bath set. I must have received this in the mail sometime this weekend because I stumbled into the kitchen this morning post-shower and found it sitting on my counter, shame on my roomie for hiding mail from me especially when it's a package! Bills are no fun but beauty products certainly are!!!

I tested out the Starlet Hand & Body Lotion this morning and this lotion absorbs into the skin quickly with a nice subtle fragrance. I can't quite pinpoint the scent but to me it's got a slight hint of vanilla going on. The website describes the Starlet scent as: "A deliciously flirty hand and body lotion that will leave star struck admirers wherever you go! A delicious mix of red berries, vanilla and spun sugar." I usually tend to go after vanilla or musk or citrus when choosing fragrances so this is perfect for me!

When I try out the Starlet Bath & Shower Bubbles and the Starlet Bath Fizz, I will definitely let you all know how I like those too!

Lip Balm Lovin'

First of all, "Happy Monday" y'all! The weekend is over *sigh* and all of us are back to work except those lucky folks who have today off as the nation observes Veterans Day.

For the record, I am a huge lip balm/gloss addict. My latest lip balm discovery is Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. I usually find most of the Burt's Bees lip balms to be too waxy for my tastes but this one glides on, smells and tastes good, and keeps my lips soft and smooth. It adds a very slight pink tint but looks quite natural.

If you're looking for a new lip balm, give this a try! The weather's getting chilly and nothing is more unsightly than chapped, peeling lips especially with all the new matte lipsticks out!

Life Is Better Blonde

So I've had quite a few people compliment my newly blonde-er hair color as of late and then proceed to ask who did my color. Here's my dirty little secret to my fabulous blonde shade: Sun-In Hair Lightener With Lemon. I find that Sun-In works best if your hair is naturally on the ash blonde to light ash brown spectrum. If your hair naturally has warm tones to it, chances are it could pick up some brassy and/or orange-ish hues if you go the Sun-In route. You have to be a bit of a risk taker to do the Sun-In route because if turns out bad, you'll need to be ready to run to CVS to pick up a box of Clairol Natural Instincts to fix any damages. The nice thing about Sun-In is that is a gradual change but I was ready to commit to a darker new hue if my blonde adventure turned out badly.

Now to keep my blonde hair in fabulous condition, I swear by Suave Vibrant Blonde Shampoo. It smells great and the sunflower, orange, and lemon oils keep my oily-ish hair just moisturized enough to skip out on conditioner. If your hair is on the drier side, I would definitely pair the conditioner with it. Suave is awesome because it works well for being on the inexpensive side and I also swear by their 24-Hour Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant.

So for me, life is better blonde (and not covered in sweat either)!!!

The Face Scrubs I Love!

I've noticed an overwhelming number of face scrubs/exfoliants containing salicylic acid while perusing the skin care aisles at my local CVS, Target, or Wal-Mart. Salicylic acid is also marketed under the name of "beta hydroxy" and it is usually a key ingredient in many products for the treatment of acne. All this is fine and dandy if your skin actually gets along well with salicylic acid and it results in proper exfoliation. Unfortunately my skin has some sort of beef with salicylic acid and it results in dry patches, "the flakeys", and peeling blemishes. I don't know about you but I find those attributes in my skin to be not so appealing. Yuck. So it became a mission to find an exfoliant or two that didn't contain salicylic acid. I like having "options" so I present you with three fabulous exfoliants - two from the drugstore, one from the department store.

Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher - I love how this heats up and I like really using it in the shower because the steam warms the product up a bit more. It rinses clean with no residue which is a plus!

Biore Pore Minimizing Microderm Exfoliator - This stuff is especially great for the t-zone and the skin on my nose has gotten smoother with a few less blackheads.

Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula - I received this in a Clinique bonus recently and I've tried it before in years past. This scrub is different than most because it works better on dry skin than wet. This almost reminds me of the Biore scrub mixed in with a face cream. This stuff is great for a "scrub on the run" because it takes under a minute to scrub and rinse off!

I hope one of these scrubs work could work for you because I certainly love them!

Ugh... Uggs.

I've succumbed to the dark side and bought a pair of Uggs. I don't feel that they're the least bit fashionable but at least they're comfortable. I bought them for comfort and warmth because I find no asthetic value in them. I know a ton of people who are "Ugg-crazed" but I'm not...

Still here, I promise.

It's a sad day when you go into Target in hopes of some inspiration and you leave feeling sad at the selection... I haven't been inspired by fall yet.

*REAL* update later tonight or tomorrow because I do have some beauty products to write reviews about!

Mmm, boots.

I've been on the lookout for the quintessential flat boot to wear with skinny jeans tucked in or to pair with a cute dress and a jacket or cardigan. I already own a pair of Anne Taylor Loft kitten heeled pointed toe black suede boots, black cowboy boots, and my beloved caramel brown Target boots.

My definition of quintessential also includes the terms cute, comfortable, and preferably under $50. I found this pair of grey suede flat boots by White Mountain at South Moon Under that met all those criteria. The height of the shaft is great because it's proportionate to my frame. I just need to buy a can of Scotchguard and spray them down since they're suede and I don't want to mess them up.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aren't they cute?

A change from my usual roll outta bed and shower look!

I normally have the option of looking very low-key for my day job... The days where I have "double duty" and I go work my retail gig in the evenings, I actually make an effort to do my hair and put on more makeup than just sunscreen and lipbalm. Today I actually wore nice-ish clothes to work as opposed to my usual "uniform" of khaki pants and a school-logo tee. This morning was senior convocation and PSATs but I wasn't sure if I was going to get roped into dealing with convocation stuff so I made an effort to look nice. Black cap-sleeve v-neck sweater, white and turquoise blue camis layered underneath, black gaucho cropped pants paired with gold flat sandals. Just for the record, my gauchos are not the clingy knit variety that ends up creeping into unknown territories - the material on these is a poly/rayon/spandex blend that is more like legitimate dress pant material. So as a result, I've had a handful of students say "wow, you look really nice today." I guess that every-now-and-then I do surprise them (and probably my fellow staff) that there's more to me than khakis, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

I am so ready for the weekend... I am hopefully having dinner with my pal Janice and her crew on Friday, Saturday morning I'm getting my oil changed and car inspected, Saturday afternoon I should be shooting a friends engagement photos, and then Saturday evening will be a movie and Panera date with my sister. Sunday I'm working the retail gig.

I know this post isn't very much fashion or beauty related... This just proves I've gotten more low-maintenance nowadays.

My Closet, Your Treasures

My friend Vanita is opening her own designer consignment and re-sale boutique in the Lakeside area! My Closet, Your Treasures is located at 5524 Lakeside Avenue (near the intersection of Lakeside Avenue and Dumbarton Road). So check it out as soon when it opens up on October 31st!


Her website isn't up-and-running yet but keep checking http://www.mycloset-yourtreasures.com and you'll be able to check it out very soon!

I want sweater weather.

I wish the fall weather would hurry up and get here already! The weather actually got cooler last week but now things are warming up again with morning temperatures in the 50's and then highs around the mid-70's. I want to wear cute sweaters and boots! Is that too much to ask?

I do have my eye on this Merona cardigan from Target. I'm a huge fan of half-sleeve and three-quarter length sleeves for sweaters. Due to me being 5'1" and having short arms, most long sleeved sweaters don't work for me. So I think this could be a perfect addition to my wardrobe since I pair cardigans with both tank tops and dresses constantly. Hopefully I can find this cardigan in-store and not have to order it online.

Anyways, I'm signing off for now... I'll hopefully get some ideas together for new posts! If you have any fashion questions or if you'd like me to feature a product, please e-mail me at rvafashionista@gmail.com!

Hectic much?

Hello darlings! Please disregard the slight absence, I've been a bit busy with EVERYTHING right now. My two jobs, classes, life, and a handful of PMS-induced migraines with a general feeling of *ugh* on the side.

On the bright side though...

Lipstick Powder 'n Paint is having a fabulous contest for the month of October with a new beauty prize each day! I won an eyeshadow palette towards the beginning of the contest and a chance to win free goodies is always worth passing on!

I had lunch with the always fabulous ChicArmoire on Monday and it was nice to catch up and have some girl gossip time.

And last but not least, I had a mention about my blog both online and in print for Style Weekly's Belle magazine!

Now only if fall would truly make up it's mind to get here - humid 80 degree weather is not pleasant and it's too hot to wear my cute cooler weather pieces!

ELLE Makeover Challenge

I have the tendency to re-invent my style on a somewhat consisent basis - as in, whenever the mood strikes! So if you're anything like me, ELLE has the perfect contest for you!

I present you with the ELLE Makeover Challenge sponsored by Target (and we know how I love me some Target). If you've recently re-invented your look or are in the mood to do it, now's the time because you could win a trip to New York and receive a complimentary makeup and hair makeover from Sonia Kashuk and Umberto. Who wouldn't want that?!?

Click here for the official rules to enter the contest.

Good luck!!!

Hear the Bargainista Babe on Q94 this Thursday!

Hello all! Tomorrow morning I'll be featured again on Q94's Melissa & Sid's morning show as their resident "Bargainista Babe." So if you haven't heard my segment before, have a listen (it should air around 7:20am on WRVQ 94.5fm or stream it at www.q94radio.com)! If you're visiting my blog because of the show - I'm totally glad to have you here!

You're always welcome to leave me a comment here or you can send me an e-mail at rvafashionista@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let me know what you want to know or what you want to hear on upcoming segments and I'll see what I can do! *muah* Love y'all!

A Splurge & A Steal: Metallic Eyes

Another fall makeup focus is the metallic eye! There's many ways to wear this look, whether you wear a bit of metallic shadow smudged on upper or lower lash lines or a full on metallic eye. While you can wear any metallic shade, I would suggest silvers for blue eyes, golds for hazel and brown eyes, and bronzes for green eyes. So here are my top metallic eyeshadow picks in silver, gold, and bronze (respectively).

M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Silver Ring

Clinique Colour Surge Super Shimmer in Gold Rush

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Baked

Jane EyeZing Shadow in Hi Ho Silver

Revlon Diamond Lust Sheer Shadow in Grab Me Gold

CoverGirl Queen Collection 1-Kit Eyeshadow in Hot Toffee

If an eyeshadow palette is more your style and you'd prefer a neutral yet metallic look, I'd suggest the splurge of Bobbi Brown Burnt Sugar Metallics palette or the steal of Wet 'n Wild's Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Compact in Sand Castle.

Happy shopping!!!


Investment Underwear

So I will admit, one of the few things I splurge on happens to be underwear considering I wear it everday (well, duh). Hanky Panky markets themselves as having the world's "most comfortable thong" and I promise they're not kidding! The stretch lace fits like a dream with no itching, digging, or shifting! Hanky Panky offers a wide range of fun colors and prints so you'll be sure to find a perfect pair but they also offer the basic colors like nude, white, and black. The solid colors retail for $18 a pair and the printed ones cost a couple dollars extra.

Here's a link to a list of reputable retailers on-line who carry Hanky Panky.

. . .

Yes, this post was sparked by me wearing a gosh awful uncomfortable pair of undies today because my nude colored Hanky Panky thong wasn't clean and I'm wearing light khaki pants and had to make do with another pair of undies! So I had to share my love of Hanky Panky with you all. The low-rise style is my fave (and is good to wear if you're on the petite side like myself)!


Blogging On The Run: I <3 TARGET

So I've decided to also try a new format of posting that I'll call Blogging On The Run! This adorable Hello Kitty t-shirt I picked up for my Goddaughter Sara for half-price at Target. I also picked up a brown belt and coordinating brown flip-flops for myself. I also picked up the Biore More Minimizing Microderm Exfoliator face scrub so check my reviews for that soon! I've seen good reviews for a while and I hope It's worth the $13.

A Splurge & A Steal: Black Eye Liner & Red Lips!

This week I'll be featuring some hot makeup looks for fall with a "splurge vs. steal" theme but I'll call it "A Splurge & A Steal!" So you have the option to go high-end or drugstore and I do make sure that the "steal" products I suggest are ones I've tried (chances are I've also bought the "splurge ones too in the past)!

The black liner and red lips look is classic and glam but totally wearable if you wear it the right way. The key to pulling this off is to go easy on the eyeshadow (as in wear a wash of a pale neutral from lid to brow), wear a bit of blush, and do a sheer red lip to balance out the black eyeliner. Well-groomed brows are also a must!

Lancome Artliner in Noir ($27.00)

LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump in Sexy ($38.00)

L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black Micah ($8.99)

Physicians Formula Plump Potion Needle-Free Lip Plumping Cocktail in Berry Potion ($8.95)

Keep your eyes peeled for more and listen to Q94 on Thursday morning for my Bargainista Babe segment!!!

Shoe Sale!

In sad news, the Payless store at Willow Lawn is closing because their lease is up. *sniff* I always liked that location because it's less than a 10 minute drive from my place. I do like the Regency Square location though and of course, there's always Short Pump.

Payless is having their Fabulous For Fall Sale with select styles up to 40% off - so click here to check out some great sale goodies!!!

I've had my eye on these boots for ages. They look really nice for an inexpensive price! The only thing I fear is that they might not look good because I'm only 5'1". I think I'd definitely have to try them on with an outfit that could go with the boots to get a feel...

Sale Time!

From August 30th to September 3rd, Express has their tees and tanks starting at $10 and essential short sleeve shirts for $15.50 and up. All their X2 jeans are also $20 off as well. I have a few tanks from Express and they often have a good selection of both dressy and casual so it's definitely worth checking out if you have a chance.

I'd definitely pair a tank with a longer cardigan and then belt it at the waist!


A huge thanks to Melissa & Sid from Q94 to feature me on their show this morning! You can check out Melissa's Fashionista Files here.

Check back this later evening for a massive post of more of my fall picks!

Jessica Simpson Josette D'Orsay Pump

So these are my one fall splurge... They're suprisingly comfy for an almost 4-inch heel!

PHOTO CREDIT: Baker's Shoes

The Bargainista Babe on Q94!

Check out the new Bargainista Babe segment tomorrow morning around 7:20am on Q94's morning show with Melissa & Sid! I'm so excited to be featured on their show and I will definitely update when I do another radio spot soon!

Now I need to do a write up some of my picks that will be featured on the show!

D.C. MiniRoadTrip

Yesterday my sister and I trekked up to Springfield and proceeded to Metro ourselves around Washington, D.C. to get out of the RVA for a day. Overall we had lots of fun but there were some scary moments like getting caught in the doors while boarding the Metro at Union Station. My sister is in a wheelchair and people seriously wouldn't move out the way to let us board the Metro car. We have learned that while D.C. may be handicap accessible, it sure isn't handicap friendly. Overall we had fun and lots of goofy moments. We originally planned to eat lunch at Union Station but their water was having issues so we headed to Chinatown and ate at a place called Wok & Roll. Mmm, Chinese food.

I'd never been to Georgetown in my life so we headed there... OMG, shopping galore. When I actually have extra spending money, I'm so going to Georgetown for a day. I saw the Intermix store and just about died with fashion lust.

On our way back to Springfield, we stopped by Pentagon City to have a snack/mini-dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe. While waiting in line, a mother and daughter fell in love with my bag and loved my personal style. Yesterday I wore my Delia's Morgan jeans, a coral and blue cami layered under a black knit babydoll top and my Reef flip-flops. I was carrying my beloved blue Rafe bag which is seriously the best bag ever and I can't wait for another Rafe line at Target.

So overall yesterday was lots of fun and I must visit D.C. again soon!

One of my fave pairs of jeans!

OK, I will admit that the first thing that comes to mind when you think Delia's as a mid-twenty-something is teeny-bopper. Yes, the store is usually packed with teens, tweens, and loud music but if you can get past that- you can find cute jeans and tops for cheap and chic prices. I love their Morgan Low-Rise Skinny Jean. Their jeans have a ton of stretch and usually feature a nice selection of washes (I like the ink rinse) and inseams (from 26" to 36" on quite a few pairs). The key to shopping at Delia's in the post-teeny-bopper age is to find basics. Avoid the printed tees, stick to solid colors, and brave the dressing room to try see what works for you!

Mmm, designer glasses...

Yes, I splurged. I needed it. Two pairs of Dolce & Gabbana glasses with Transitions lenses and an anti-glare coating as well.

One pair in eggplant and one in dark brown - both with moss green accents. I already love the Transitions lenses so no more worrying about switching between sunglasses and regular glasses!

Photo Credit: http://www.go-optic.com

Blogging Tidbits

So I've been part grieving and part trying to stay busy since I'm now single again... Of course part of me is still hoping we'll get back together at some point but I honestly don't know where things are going to go.

. . .

In good news, I'm getting new glasses with the Transitions lenses since I'll be back to spending a lot of time outdoors with my county job. I picked up two pairs of D&G frames from PearleVision. They're the same frame but two totally different colors. One's fuschia with green on the insides and one's tortoise with green as well. So I'll have two pairs to rotate out and go with my outfits. Yes, I'm spending a decent amount of money on these but they had a 6-month-no-interest deal. So my monthly payments are totally doable for glasses I love and that I got not just out of necessity.

. . .

Just to let you know that my stylist Michelle has moved to Textures Hair Salon and Day Spa. So if you're in the Richmond area and you need a great cut, give her a call.

. . .

I checked out Halcyon the first time on Monday and I picked up an adorable vintage 1960's dress. I can actually wear it year round!

It's a bittersweet symphony, that's life.

So I'm going to attempt to use this blog as therapy...

I just hit a major rough spot and as for now, my boyfriend and I are not together. I will always love him and he is going through his own issues right now that he needs to fix if we are to possibly pursue things in the future.


On that note, any good de-puffing eye creams?

Belles of the Belle launch party!

Myself and the lovely ChicArmoire!

Living the life of a socialite.

Tonight was the big Belle launch party at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The always fabulous ChicArmoire and I had a good time chatting, mingling, and enjoying the Patron Cosmopolitans which were enjoyed with plenty of water. Overall I had a blast! There were some definite style worthy people there but then there were some who I was thinking that they should have gone back home and changed. As usual, I saw a lot of black outfits. Yay for wearing color!

On a side note, I totally wish I could rock the super smoky eyes that I saw on many... Unfortunately I think I am too pale and no matter how much bronzer that I put on, I still won't be tan enough. Oh well.

ps. M.A.C.'s Goldmode pigment from Rushmetal is my new love (in makeup land that is)!!!

I need shoes. Now!

So my lovely gal pal ChicArmoire has invited me to the Belle magazine launch party and we're both having "OMG, what to wear?" moments. I am 90% sure I'm going to wear this dress. I'm still in a tizzy about shoes. Eeek. I'm meeting another gal pal this morning to go shoe shopping. I'm hoping to find something cute, chic, and cheap. If all else fails, I have good ol' basic black pumps but I want to mix it up a bit.

Choices, choices.

The Mascara Diaries

So I've tried a slew of mascaras in my lifetime, from drugstore to department store... I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mascara. My latest pick is BonneBell Eye Style Mascara which caught my eye while roaming Wal-Mart and according to the package, it is a Seventeen Reader's Choice award. So far it's giving me a decent amount of length and lots of definition. As much as I love volume, I can't stand the clumps and smears that usually go along with volumizing mascaras.

I did read some reviews on MakeupAlley and a few reviews suggested to add more coats of the Eye Style Mascara for extra volume. So we'll see... So far I'm liking this one a lot and costs around three bucks. So another cheap and chic find.

Another adventure in shopping...

So while perusing the mall on my lunch break, I stopped by South Moon Under and picked up this totally cute Sweet Pea camisole off the sale rack. I wanted something cute because I am throwing myself a birthday party on Saturday so of course I want to look fabulous! I'll most likely throw a cami underneath it to keep the cleavage minimal. This Sweet Pea top will look great with white or black and I could even wear in the fall with a cardigan or over a fitted black tee. I'll probably wear it to work in the morning because I love it so much!

Birthday Flowers!

My roommate Shula got me yellow roses!

Yay for birthday cake!

The sweet surprise from my roommates!

The bag is mine!

Dear Rafe for Target,

Thank you for going on sale! By doing so, I even more justified purchasing you. I will love you and carry you even into fall because I do love carrying colorful purses. So thank you for making me a happy girl!


ps. My other "justification" is that I cleaned out my purse collection and gave some to my mother.

PHOTO CREDIT: Target.com

New haircut!

My haircut is by the lovely Michelle at the Alexander Cahen Hair Studio. She's been cutting my hair the last three years and does a wonderful (yet affordable... as in a $23 haircut) job! The salon's number is (804)288-4922 if you'd like to book an appointment with her. She also does color and highlights too!

Lots o' new stuff!

I need to seriously start updating in small little bits as opposed to one giant entry like this one is going to morph into...

Last Monday (July 9th) I had lunch with the fabulous ChicArmoire and it was so nice to catch up with her and gossip/talk fashion/etc. I proceeded to head over to Regency Square which houses the only Sephora and Forever21 in the metro Richmond area. To be honest, I was rather disgusted with Sephora since no one bothered to greet me or even give a nod in my direction. *sigh* I poked around there for a good 15 minutes and left. So instead I spent my money on a pair of $10 pants at Express as well as some sale earrings and a t-shirt for my boyfriend. I decided to pop into The Body Shop and both of the sales associates there were very knowledgeable and nice! I bought two concealers - Lightening Touch and the Ultra Smooth Liquid Concealer. I know it's sad that I now use three concealers on a consistent basis but it's a pain to rid myself of those dark circles, shadows, and leftover acne marks. I also like Physicians Formula's Conceal Rx. So I have a habit of mixing my concealers to fit my needs...

I spent the rest of the week working and then after much deliberation, I decided to get my hair cut again... This time it's even shorter but sassier! My stylist Michelle and I both felt that Victoria Beckham's latest look would suit me quite well. This is definitely a great cut for fine, thin hair like mine. However, because this look is so angled and sharp - proper makeup application is a must with this look. At the bare minimum, brows must be done and blush/bronzer applied to enhance the facial bone structure. I've been sticking to similar variations of an angled bob for the last few years and I was finally ready for a big change! I definitely need to post my own pictures of my new cut!

On Sunday I ran over to Delia's on my lunch break and picked up a pair of their Morgan Low-Rise Skinny jeans. They had a deal where if you tried on any pair of jeans, you got a $10 gift card. I also picked up in orange and white the Solid Ruby V-Neck which is great layered with a cami or two underneath. We all know I'm all about the layers!

Now I need to hop in the shower and get ready for work... Hopefully my next post won't be as long and as sporadic!

PHOTO CREDIT: People Magazine

Happy Birthday to me!

Check out the gorgeous necklace I received as an early b-day gift from my sweetie... I absolutely love it!

I know I've procrastinated on this...

Eek! Swimsuit season is definitely here! I still haven't bought one but I've kept my eye on this one from Victoria's Secret for a while. I'm a bit paranoid of online shopping especially when it regards things like bras and swimwear where fit is essential. My swimwear dilemma involves having a fuller bust but with a 34 band size and a relatively small bottom half. So if I really had the urge to go swim at a topless beach, I'd have no issues shopping for swimwear off the clearance rack at Target. *sigh* So my options are somewhat sparse. I also liked this brown and turquoise tankini but I like the metal hardware on my first choice better. Oh, the decisions.

I do need a swimsuit soon though because my new place does have a hot tub and my fellow housemate is throwing a hot tub party very soon!

PHOTO CREDIT: Victoria's Secret

Chic, Cropped, and Rocking Hair!

Last week while perusing my local Barnes & Noble, I checked out the July issue of ELLE. This issue features an article titled "The New Radicals" which features the next direction of hair. Short and swingy bobs, pixie cuts, and brighter hues are the next big thing! I've seen a few ladies rocking the platinum blonde pixie cut as of late but I'll stick to my golden swingy bob. The best part is that these styles relatively low maintenance except for keeping your color up if you try a bold shade that's not as close to your natural color. So summer is the perfect time to have your stylist break out the scissors and SNIP-SNIP! Besides, it will grow back and why not mix things up a bit and try out a new style.

Summer Skin Essentials

Summer is the season for waterproof mascara but removing the stuff at the end of the day can be a bit of a hassle because no matter how much you wash your face, there's little black bits of mascara goop stuck to your lashes. However, I've discovered that Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is to the rescue for stubborn makeup removal! This stuff literally melts away mascara. I'd reccomend using the balm first and then wash your face with your cleanser of choice to remove the filmy residue.

I've also become addicted to Evian's Mineral Water Spray which is great for setting my makeup in the morning and to freshen up throughout the day. This product definitely has made a huge improvement in my skin the past few days and I don't look as tired while my makeup holds up a bit better!

Finally, don't forget the sunscreen! I love Clinique's City Block line and I've been using it for years. I can't say enough good things about it!

Stay cool and fresh my friends!!!

So long, farewell...

So I'm saying adios to my 'rents place and finally moving out! I'll have two awesome roommates, a totally cute house, and a bit of freedom. So I plan to start moving stuff this weekend!


I am totally EXCITED!!!

. . .

Yes, I've been plotting this for a while but also budgeting the finances and stuff so that way I'm not completely broke as a joke while doing this. Perhaps it's a good thing that I'm not having the urge to shop. It's a sign?

The perfect summer bag?


Isn't it cute? The best thing is that it's large enough to tote all my junk with me... I've made efforts to "downsize" my purse load and haven't quite done that. I was briefly looking at my purse collection and realizing that I can't fit my stuff into most of my purses. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind if I donated a couple of my handbags to her... So now I'm back to carrying my chartreuse snakeskin bag since the red bag I've been carrying decided to kick the bucket... I suppose that's what I get for spending $10 on a purse but it should have lasted more than a couple months in my opinion. I've also been eyeing some of the Rafe For Target purses too. I've been so good about not shopping but "the itch" is coming back.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nordstrom.com

To the RVA area...

I just found out City Shoes in Carytown is closing... While I have yet to purchase anything there, I have ooh-ed and ahh-ed over their cute selection. It's a bummer though because I know ChicArmoire frequents that store!

City Shoes, you will be missed! xoxo

Cheap & Chic

Just a heads up to all glasses wearing ladies and gents, GO TO COSTCO!!! I kid you not. They've got affordable chic frames as well as some high-end but still affordable choices as well such as Kate Spade and Dolce&Gabbana. I chose a pair by B.U.M. Equipment that are tortoise with sky blue on the inside. I was more concerned about finding a frame that fit my face and my style and less about brand. So with the newly shorter hair and new glasses, I'll need to give myself a new profile picture very soon!

I'm also doing the unthinkable and attempting to grow out my brows on one side. One brow is damn near perfect and the other is a bit sparse on the end. Ugh. Thank goodness for my 99 cent Wet & Wild pencil to fill in the sparse bits!

Anyways, I think I might have overdone the blogging for today. It's now time to tackle housework!


I've finally got the mobile blogging feature set up and I can now blog via my LG VX8300 cell phone! Which would be quite handy if I saw something cute while out shopping and I wanted to share with the rest of you in Blogger land.

So the previous two entries below are indeed camera phone pictures but I must say that the quality on those are quite nice!

. . .

On a whim this weekend, I purchased the L'Oreal StudioLine Unkempt Out Of Bed Weightless Texturizer. This product gives great texture, style, and a bit of definition to my fine hair that is usually weighed down by most hair products. My hair has actually had volume and style today when it normally falls flat in most cases! So for all you short haired girls, especially those with fine/thin hair - you need to check this out!

I'm trying to get back into beauty and fashion blogging because I've been M.I.A. for way too long!

This is only a test...

Just trying out the Blogger Mobile feature!

Little things that make me smile!

Cue the gushy moment... A pink rose from my sweetheart! He's the best!

Happy Easter

So I had originally planned to wear a skirt or a dress for Easter but due to the sudden changes in weather we've had (going from 80-some degrees to highs in the 50's as well as SNOW yesterday) - I needed a backup plan.

I have one sweater in my wardrobe from a few years ago, it's a three-quarter sleeve white cardigan with blue dots (almost resembling Easter eggs, go figure) and mini-bouquets of flowers in blue, green, and yellow with touches of brown. I fondly call it my "Easter Sweater" so I've decided to wear that to stay festive and warm. Of course at 10pm last night, I realized I don't have an exact matching colored camisole to go with it so I'm pairing a fresh coral cotton stretch one with it and a tan super-stretchy cami underneath to smooth it all out. I am the queen of layers!

The standard "I can wear these all day and be comfy" black pants by Semantiks will be paired with the above combo of shirts. Debating whether to wear my Liz Claiborne black pumps or my Seychelles. Choices, choices.

I will try to get a couple pics of the Easter goodness!

Oh, CVS how I love thee.

I can literally spend a good hour or so in CVS. "Why?" do you ask my friends? Other than me being uber-indecisive about to purchase, it's almost a drugstore beauty mecca of lotions, potions, and potentially good deals on makeup. I'm a huge fan of the ExtraCare program - who doesn't like coupons and deals? While poking around in there this morning, I've decided to give their CVS Pharmacy Eye Lifting Serum a try considering I had a $2.50 off any CVS brand purchase of $10.00 or more coupon. I'm not going to name drop but this seems to be a dupe of a rather well known brand. The price point is good (under $15 normally) and I definitely like the texture and feel when I applied it. It's supposed to help with dark circles so I'll keep you all posted on how it works out for me because I seriously want the shadows and discoloration to go far, far away!

Daily Maintenance

So... I swear by Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Soap from Lavender Fields Farm but I've been looking for a good face cleanser to keep in my overnight bag for when I stay the night at my boyfriend's house. Toting a bar of soap around isn't an easy task and I've been using these Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes from Sally Beauty Supply that I've had in my stash but my skin never feels clean and it usually takes at least two of them to remove all the remnants of mascara and eyeshadow and I'm not fond of how my face feels afterwards. My dear friend Ana suggested I should try Kiehl's Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser so I picked up a bottle of that and as well as the Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner. So far I'm impressed with both products and the Kiehl's definitely removed all my eye makeup like my beloved soap. So tossing a bottle into my bag is a better solution than those wipes and I'm using something that's good for my skin!

I spent a good portion of last night in front of the magnifying mirror damn near obsessively plucking the brows but I've slacked off lately with the brow maintenance and I noticed a crop of semi-blonde hairs had attacked my arches. Eeek! Yes, I do fill my brows in for some much needed definition but I often get the most hair regrowth in the spots I don't need it! I'll double check my work this morning post-showering. Straggly brows don't look good on anyone!

Can anyone suggest a good eye cream that helps eliminate dark circles? I feel like I'm applying gobs of concealer with no avail and it still looks dark in spots. This St. Ives stuff is the best for keeping puffiness down to a minimum but the darkness is still there! I've tried MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream too and while it feels great on the eyes, the darkness still prevails.

On a side note, as much as I love my Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara - the waterproof version and I are learning we do not get along. The stuff flakes like crazy on me and so now that's going in the trashcan. I wish I could find a 100% smudge and flake proof mascara but I'm not having much luck.

Aqua eyeshadow done right...

I have a feeling that MAC's Aquadisiac Eyeshadow is going to be a staple during allergy season. While doing my usual neutral look, I decided to add a sheer dusting of Aquadisiac on my lids and voila - the pale aqua color visually lessens appearance of allergy redness in my eyes. The secret is to swipe your eyeshadow brush once over the color and then tap the handle on the back of your hand so the extra color comes off. Voila! A sheer pale aqua color that doesn't look garish especially blended into neutrals.

ps. The usual neutral look is MAC's Fairylite and Lily White Pigments mixed together in my trusty Sephora Powder Jar with Sifter. A pale shimmery neutral from lid to brow and a bit of liner is what I use on a consistent basis. I always start with my neutral "base" and go on from there if I feel like doing color.

Now I need to get coffee en route to my orientation (i.e. filling out my paperwork) for my new county job!


So the last couple days have been a bit of craziness but it's all good. I'm starting two new jobs as of April 16 - one's at a school and one's a department transfer at my current gig of retail awesomeness. So I'm dropping down to part-time and moving to the new department at my current job and I'll most likely be working a couple nights a week and one of the weekend days.

I'll be working part-time/full-time flex for the summer since my school job will give me summers off. I unfortunately won't get paid for this summer for working at the school because I'm starting so late... However, next summer I plan to take a full load of courses (18 credits) and do minimal part-time at the retail gig.

Yes, I'll still be busy as ever but I kind of like it... Yes, I'm a weirdly demented workaholic.

All I can say is that state benefits will be lovely with this school job!

. . .

I wish I had something fashion-able to update on other than I love these pants a.k.a. I bought two pairs though they run terribly tiny and I didn't feel the need to have them plastered to my rear end. So I do have some "Daisy Dollars" to redeem starting April 5 (as in $25 off a $50 purchase) so I'm thinking I'll just pick up more pants. Every girl needs new black pants!

A cut above!

So last Thursday I finally got my hair cut... My stylist Michelle at the Alexander Cahen Hair Studio wouldn't let me cut it all off but we compromised (since I did take forever to grow it out) and the back is cut higher so it's more angled on the sides. I'm going to attempt to take some pictures of it so my description makes a little more sense. I can spike out the back if I want or leave it "normal" but there's a nice usage of texture and layers.

I've stumbled upon the Texturize! line by Pantene Pro-V thanks to my manager's recommendations (well, she was nice and bought it for me to try out - I totally wasn't expecting it). I've got the Moussing Foam Wax which is great because I can use it in damp or dry hair and it's not as heavy as most waxes. The hold on the Ultimate Texture Hairspray is pretty darn strong so I'll probably keep that as a must-have.

I'm still playing around with my new hair and getting used to the cut since a good couple inches were snipped off! I'll try to post pics sometime this week but they might be camera phone ones for the sake of convenience.

Mmm, denim.

For the first time in my life, I'm seriously lusting over a pair of designer jeans. Yes, I do have a secret obsession for True Religion (love the pockets and the stitching details) but I don't own any because I can't fathom spending about $150 and up on a pair of jeans. However, the Citizens of Humanity 'Paley' Ankle Length Stretch Jeans are calling my name. For my 5'1" self, they are the PERFECT inseam for skinny jeans. I'm not kidding. I'm impatient and I hate having to get things altered. I have a pair of Vigoss trouser jeans just sitting in my car, ready to be hemmed since I've washed them and put them in the dryer to shrink up the length. I just need to get off my butt and get them hemmed.

Then again, I need more jeans like I need a hole in my head. Seriously. I really should be buying more dress pants, right?


The weather this weekend's been gorgeous. Yes, I've worked all weekend but spending some time in the fresh air for my lunch/dinner breaks has been amazing. That's a major benefit of working at an "outdoor mall" that fresh air is readily available!

I've seriously been debating cutting a great deal of my hair off. It's currently an angled bob - shorter in the back and longer on the front/sides with side-swept bangs. I'm approaching almost two months of not having it cut so I'm probably due for a trim but part of me wants to cut a good couple inches off. Besides, I don't have the patience nor the desire to grow it out long enough to reach my shoulders. It's already become a pain to blow-dry lately! I'm a short hair girl at heart. I'm also realizing I'm a blonde at heart too because I'm gradually bleaching it back to it's former state of blonde-ness before I went dark for barely a month. Blondes have more fun, right?

My gal-pal "J" has the cutest haircut right now which I totally want to steal.

I will probably give my stylist Michelle a call and see if she can fit me in this week. I need to at least get my ends trimmed. If not more... Snippity-snip.

If anyone has any hair suggestions, let me know!!!

White Concealer?

I've always been plagued with dark circles under my eyes no matter what eye cream/gel I use or even if I get tons of sleep. It's partly due to having very pale skin so every little blemish or discoloration stands out easily. However, you know it's gotten bad when your boyfriend who doesn't mind you without makeup notices them while you're wearing a full face! Yikes.

Lately I've been using CoverGirl's CG Smoothers Concealer in #705 Fair (the pinkish tone slightly balances out the blue-ness of the dark circles) with L'Oreal's Infallible Concealer in Fair/Light over it with a light dusting of Everyday Minerals Intensive Fair Concealer on top. Still, the dark circles tend to show through...

While perusing through the cosmetic aisles at Wal-Mart this evening, I stumbled upon Max Factor's Erace Secret Cover-Up with a shade that's actually slightly paler than my skin - #221 White. I figured what the heck, I'll try this! After leaving Wal-Mart, I rushed to my car and put some on underneath my eyes using my rearview mirror and it actually brightened that dark undereye area quite a bit. I shall try it tomorrow underneath my regular concealer routine because I don't want to have the circles under my eyes "highlighted" instead (reverse raccoon eyes - LOL). I just want my eyes to look brighter and less tired looking!

I shall keep you all posted on my beauty adventure with white concealer!

Mineral Foundations

So I've tried my hand at using mineral foundation before - most specifically Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder which I had bought on a whim at Wal-Mart. My only complaint about the product is that you have to blend it just right otherwise the powder will cake up in some spots.

I've heard good things about Everyday Minerals so I figured I'd give their free sample kit a try and you only have to pay for shipping. So far I'm really like their products and the makeup is extremely fine milled. You get your choice of three foundations, a concealer, and a blush/face color. I am absolutely in love with the Light Pink blush/face color because it gives me a nice natural looking glow. Out of my samples - the Neutral MultiTasking Intensive formula is my favorite because it blends into my skin perfectly on a "pale day" as well as when I use my liquid bronzer underneath to give myself a little more color.

I'm definitely debating ordering from Everyday Minerals once I use up some of my "stockpile" of products. MAC's Studio Fix Fluid used to be a top foundation choice but I now feel like the coverage is a bit heavy sometimes.

There's plenty more things I should fill you in on beauty and fashion wise but I need to head off to the dentist momentarily.

Shopping Diaries

When in shopping for sale/clearance items, I believe that purchasing something is truly meant to be if the said item is still there a week after lusting for it but waiting on it because you didn't have enough money to budget it at that moment. I have just a bit of a penchant for leopard print and if worn correctly, it can balance between fun and classy. So I was in shock to discover that this shirt was still waiting for me after a week and I had to snag it off the clearance rack yesterday after much deliberation. It fits me PERFECTLY especially around the the bust area which I often have a love/hate relationship with due to the ample amount of "boobage" in that area.

I know it's only February but summer is just around the corner which means finding a swimsuit. *runs&hides* This is what Victoria's Secret website is offering so far in regards to DD sizes. There's only ONE tankini? Great. I could hypothetically stuff myself into last years bikini but I'd literally have to remain in a stationary location due to the potential of over-cleavage and something popping out.

. . .

In other news, I can upgrade to a new cell phone tomorrow! I've been scouring the reviews on Cnet.com and I think I'm going to end up with the LG VX8300. I originally wanted the LG VX8600 but the camera doesn't have a built-in flash so I'll pass on that.

More V-day ness...

So I've solved the "what to wear" dilemma for Valentine's Day. Considering I earned a little mini-bonus and I received some Valentine's cash from a couple relatives, I had money to splurge buy something new and not worry about "budgeting." So I've now added another little black dress to the wardrobe but it was something I've had my eye on and I figured something new and sassy would be a good choice. I can make it totally "work appropriate" with a cami underneath and paired with a blazer or cardigan.

So for the infamous V-day, I plan to wear the new dress with a new red cami underneath for a bit of color. The shoes of choice will be my hella sexy black and gold lace pumps and I'll either wear my black velvet wrap or some variation of a cardigan because it's seriously been FREEZING COLD.

I'm debating on what kind of wine to bring (of course I'll probably stick with a Riesling) and I'll probably bring some munchies as well.

YAY FOR PARTIES!!! The hostess was quite pleased at my decision to dress up, this shall be fun!

. . .

Here's a random quote du jour found on my sister's away message on AIM:

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." -Leo Buscaglia

Proenza Schouler/V-Day-ness

So I've briefly checked out the GO International Proenza Schouler line at Target and I've fallen in love with this dress. Upon reading the reviews though, it's not "boob friendly." Go figure. I need to actually go try on some of the stuff.

In reality, I probably don't need more clothes.

I do need to pick up a new red or pink camisole because Valentine's Day is Wednesday and I've been invited to a Singles Are Awesome (S.A.A.) party so I need to look festive, right? I swear my go-to outfit lately has been some form of a black v-neck sweater with a colored camisole underneath paired with jeans or black dress pants. Simple, easy, and it ALWAYS looks good. So I'm thinking that combo but with dark cuffed jeans and my sexy as hell black and gold lace pumps. Oh, the possible ideas of what to wear...

On a technological side note, I'm due for a new cell phone soon and I can upgrade on the 20th. I'm possibly thinking of the LG VX8600 or the the LG VX8300 that one of my friend's just bought. Choices, choices.

Drugstore Faves

While my makeup collection mainly consists of MAC as well as some Clinique and Smashbox, there are some FABULOUS products that I swear by that you can pick up at your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss: I happen to own both the Pink Afterglow and Glossy Rose colors. They go on really smooth and there's minimal stickiness. Yes, I admit I just picked up the Glossy Rose shade today while at Big Lots - TWO PACK FOR $3.00!!!) Glossy Rose a nice shade of pink/rose with some neutral tones for daytime wear but I could always pair a darker or brighter lipstick or liner to snazz it up. I have a feeling this Glossy Rose color is going to become a lipgloss staple for me! The Pink Afterglow shade does go on very sheer and it is a bit glittery but it's still a nice "enhance your natural lip tone" color.

Wet 'n Wild Eyebrow Pencil: I swear by #648 Taupe because it's neutral enough to go with many a hair color change. Since I just dyed my former blonde-ish hair brown with some red and gold tones, I've been using the Taupe pencil and then adding a little bit of MAC's "Folie" Eyeshadow and sealing it with some brow wax.

N.Y.C. Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers: This product is worth it just for the brow wax alone even if the three shades offered don't coordinate to your brow color of choice.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation: This stuff seriously works despite the insanely affordable price tag. If you are slightly curious about trying a lip plumper, check this one out!

So there's a few drugstore items that happily reside in my makeup bag (ok, well on top of my dresser)! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


Baby, it's cold outside.

I can't believe I've already nicked the covered heel on my new Seychelles. Fabulous. Please note the sarcastic notation of "fabulous." Thankfully my mother had some leather/vinyl glue and fixed them right up. I'll just add a coat of shoe polish to conceal things a bit. Besides, 95% of the time I'd be wearing them with pants so the heel won't show anyways.

Today I shall try my hardest to escape a case of the Monday's due to the cold weather and the snow/sleet/rain combo mix that happened yesterday. I plan to wear my Aussie Dog boots with my Old Navy Special Edition Skinny jeans tucked in and some sort of sweater paired with some fun jewelry to sass it up. I'm trying to go for comfort today. I'm sure the parking lot shall be icky when I arrive and when I leave since it will be well after dark and temperatures will be dropping. So hence the boots to keep me from slipping and falling on my butt!

I seriously can't wait for spring! I've been so spoiled by the mild winter weather but now it's starting to get chilly!

"Dear Feet, I hope you're happy now..."

So for once in my life, I actually found a comfortable pair of high heels. Imagine that! I ended up trying on and buying the "Head Over Heels" style by Seychelles. I wasn't planning on buying new black pumps immediately but I had been doing some comparison shopping the last few weeks. I've heard good things about Seychelles especially that they're both comfortable and stylish. Today was a moment of desperation though because I was wearing my "wicked black heels of death" and after almost four hours of wear on a concrete floor, the idea of Botox-ing ALL the nerves in my feet felt like an appealing idea. I was hoping to have a "your's truly is woman enough to handle almost three inch heels with a super pointy toe" sort of day but my feet had other ideas. So now say hello to my new shoes! I've been seriously tempted by the new spring shoes but I felt that new black pumps with a bit of flair and comfort would be a better shopping decision in the long run. I'm trying to buy smart and add in pieces that will enhance my wardrobe.

On my way home from work, I stopped by CVS since my beloved Maybelline mascara is buy one, get one free! Their Full 'n Soft is seriously the best stuff ever! I also ended up buying a Cristophe Beverly Hills headband in black snakeskin which goes quite nicely with the new shoes! It's just match-y enough to look put together and headbands are great for days that I really don't want to attempt straightening my hair!

Something I just don't understand...

I have never understood why ladies have the need to drag their male significant others into Victoria's Secret with them to go lingerie shopping. Besides, he's probably going to see it on you once you bring your purchases home anyways...

Myself as well as my mother have witnessed some poor boyfriend or husband being pulled around by an invisible dog collar and chain in Victoria's Secret countless times. I personally find it to be quite humorous but I feel sorry for the guys.

I will admit than in my case, bra shopping is an adventure unless I'm buying a Body By Victoria Shaping Full Coverage bra because I know it fits perfectly. I'm also fan of the Emma Collection Full Figure Bra. So for all of you holding it down in the DD crew, there's my top two bra picks!

. . .

In other news, I can't wait for the Barbie Loves MAC collection to come out! I'm seriously buying two of Moth Brown eyeshadow as backups. This color is essential if I want to rock a smokey eye but it's also great to use as a liner for everyday looks! Yesterday I picked up Glissade Mineralized Skinfinish from my MAC counter - it's my one purchase from the Danse collection! Overall, I wasn't super impressed with Danse but I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and pick up a Glissade MSF. I already own Petticoat and Shimpagne MSF's from last collections so I figured I'd acquire a third!