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Nails, lips, eyes.

So I've already chipped my DIY manicure that I did last night with my Wet 'n Wild "Vintage Red" color. Fabulous. However, I think it's expected due to the fact I use my hands on a consistent basis at my job and I'm sure that using Purell regularly doesn't help either! One of my friends said the chipped polish was definitely rock star-ish so why not indulge my inner punk rock diva a bit.

I'm definitely in love with my Sally Hansen "Sheer Blush" Lip Inflation gloss. Dare I say it might work better than some of the more pricey brands I've tried... I usually buy cheap lipgloss because I tend to lose it (I lost one of my limited edition MAC Lipglasses not even a week after I bought it, obviously I was a bit ticked off). I do splurge on the M.A.C. VivaGlam Lipglasses because all the proceeds go to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund and I'm especially in love with their VivaGlam VI shade. To tell the truth, I never would have thought that red lipliner would be so versatile. I picked up a Beautique "Real Red" Lip Pencil to originally pair with my MAC "Lady Bug" Lipstick. I've discovered this lipliner looks great if I put on some lip balm, line and smudge it in, and then top it with some gloss (looks great with clear but also with both VivaGlam Lipglasses I own). For Halloween I lined and filled my lips with the pencil, used my Wet 'n Wild "Passion Fruit Pink" MegaSlicks Lip Color Retractable Pencil, and then topped it with a bit of the Sally Hansen "Sheer Blush" Lip Inflation gloss - voila! CIRCA 1980's HOT PINK LIPS.

I'm kind of thankful Halloween is over. I've dressed up for three nights and did elaborate makeup for the official Halloween night. I tried getting a few different eye shots with my camera but here's one of the better ones! I used my M.A.C. LiquidLast Liners to make the dots and I used lots of glitter and my MAC (discontinued) Glitterliners as well. I'm surprised how well things held up after lots of dancing at the club but I must thank Urban Decay's Primer Potion and my M.A.C.!

Well, the RVAfashionista is now off to enjoy a midnight snack of some homemade pizza and then to get her beauty rest! I'll be spending most of the weekend with the family to celebrate my little sister's birthday so don't expect any posts from me until next week unless boredom ensues!