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Jeans & Shoes - oh my!

I'll be honest, Old Navy jeans usually fit me funny. I will admit they're one of the few places that offer short lengths though in denim. While perusing through the Old Navy at Willow Lawn after a disappointing trip to Payless (it's BOGO time and I've been eyeing these patent ballet flats but they didn't have my size) - I stumbled upon these jeans on the clearance rack. The leg seems to fit narrower than a straight leg but not as tight as a stovepipe style. The price was insanely good since they were marked down a couple dollars lower than online and they ended up being $18 and some change with sales tax. I really like them but I'm not sure if I totally LOVE them so I'll need to try them on a few more times here at home. They do fit really small and I ended up with a size bigger than I normally buy in most things! If anyone owns Old Navy jeans and likes and/or dislikes them - please let me know your opinions! The true test will be if I can stuff them in my boots and have them look good - so I'll have to try that out this week. I really should go shopping for skinny jeans when I'm wearing boots but instead I was rocking my leopard peep-toes a la Target!

Please don't be alarmed if my blog layout looks sort of wonky at points - I'm playing around with themes, colors, and the like. I'm quite nitpicky about design in general.

The fashionista is getting tired since she's all shopped out! One month 'til Christmas!

EDIT: I tried the jeans on this morning with my boots and the leg is too wide to tuck them in but too narrow for me to "double cuff" them and tuck the top part of my boots under the cuff! I'll have to possibly check out Macy's on my lunch break and see if they have any skinny leg jeans. I know for sure the Levi's store does but I'm on a bargain hunt right now! But yeah, it seems that there's about 95% chance the Old Navy ones will be returned! *sigh*