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Fashion, Television, & The Holidays

My fashionista friend Michelle from the Chic Armoire will be featured on WTVR 6's "Virginia This Morning" show next Wednesday 12-6! You should definitely check it out because there will also be a special guest model (*ahem* myself)! So watch the show to check out some hot fashion ideas for the holidays!

Jeans & Shoes - oh my!

I'll be honest, Old Navy jeans usually fit me funny. I will admit they're one of the few places that offer short lengths though in denim. While perusing through the Old Navy at Willow Lawn after a disappointing trip to Payless (it's BOGO time and I've been eyeing these patent ballet flats but they didn't have my size) - I stumbled upon these jeans on the clearance rack. The leg seems to fit narrower than a straight leg but not as tight as a stovepipe style. The price was insanely good since they were marked down a couple dollars lower than online and they ended up being $18 and some change with sales tax. I really like them but I'm not sure if I totally LOVE them so I'll need to try them on a few more times here at home. They do fit really small and I ended up with a size bigger than I normally buy in most things! If anyone owns Old Navy jeans and likes and/or dislikes them - please let me know your opinions! The true test will be if I can stuff them in my boots and have them look good - so I'll have to try that out this week. I really should go shopping for skinny jeans when I'm wearing boots but instead I was rocking my leopard peep-toes a la Target!

Please don't be alarmed if my blog layout looks sort of wonky at points - I'm playing around with themes, colors, and the like. I'm quite nitpicky about design in general.

The fashionista is getting tired since she's all shopped out! One month 'til Christmas!

EDIT: I tried the jeans on this morning with my boots and the leg is too wide to tuck them in but too narrow for me to "double cuff" them and tuck the top part of my boots under the cuff! I'll have to possibly check out Macy's on my lunch break and see if they have any skinny leg jeans. I know for sure the Levi's store does but I'm on a bargain hunt right now! But yeah, it seems that there's about 95% chance the Old Navy ones will be returned! *sigh*

Black Friday/D.A.T.

*breathes sigh of relief* I survived working the day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. Black Friday. For those of who work in retail, you understand what I mean - it's usually hectic, crazy, and exhausting.

So now I'm chillin' on the couch and enjoying a CSI: Miami marathon on A&E.

This is the beginning of the holidays - 'tis the season!

I myself though was not overall impressed with yesterday's advertisements in the paper for the day after Thanksgiving. CVS does have all Maybelline products as buy one, get one free so I'm going to stock up on my "holy grail" Maybelline Full 'n Soft mascara.

I hope everyone had a wonderful "Turkey Day"!


1. New haircut! It's similar to Britney Spears new 'do but with side swept bangs. I personally think mine looks 100% better and my hair stylist as well as everyone at the salon was in agreement. Growing it out for over two months was well worth it (my last cut was on September 7th) and now I have the perfect angled bob that my stylist and I have been aiming for.

2. New haircolor! I'm on a slow progression to possibly going darker for the fall so I'm slowly adding color using John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze in Amber to Maple. It's now a nice honey to caramel color and if I some how end up hating it - it's nothing a bit of dish soap and some deep conditioner won't fix! I still have a box of my trusty Clairol Natural Insticts 02 Sahara waiting under my sink in case I want to go back to fully blonde.

3. I survived a pedicure! My feet are unbearably ticklish but it was nice to be pampered!

Saturday's plans include a mother-daughter day and going to see Happy Feet! It'll be nice to spend some time with Mom and have a Saturday off work!

Facing the facts about good skin.

It's taken me quite a few years to figure out a skincare routine that actually works and I can now successfully say that I rarely break out other than due to stress or hormonal influxes (the joys of being a woman). Thus, I've decided to share my regularly used products with you that have transformed my oily/combination skin into something somewhat "normal."

Lavender Fields Farm Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Soap (I swear by this stuff and it's helped clear up my skin immensely over the years while being gentle yet exfoliating.)

Lavender Fields Farm Nourishing Facial Scrub & Mask

St. Ives Cucumber Eye & Face Stress Gel

CVS Moisturizing Lotion

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

MAC Fix+

Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25.

I do mix a pea size dab of the St. Ives gel and the CVS lotion together for my day moisturizer and I use the CVS lotion on it's own at night. The scrub I use once or twice a week but everything else I use on an every day basis. I also like the Shea Butter Lip Balm Tube by Lavender Fields Farm which works fabulously as a lip balm but also works on cuticles in a pinch and a litte tiny dab can tame unruly eyebrows when necessary. I also liking using a bit of it rubbed onto my nose when it's sore and red from the cold season (like I'm experiencing now).

Cheers to good skin!

Layers, layers, layers.

Don't you love it when you wear an outfit that you were a little unsure about when you were about to leave the house and then you arrive at your destination and everyone loves it? It's a nice confidence boost especially when said outfit is super trendy and we all know that trends don't always look fabulous on everyone. So onto a description of today's outfit which proved multiple layers can look fabulous!

Xhilaration plum microfiber camisole
BP. black cotton/spandex camisole
Absolutely grey cotton cable knit shawl collar v-neck tunic sweater
Target black braided suede hip slung belt
BP. black cotton/spandex leggings
Smoky Mountain Boots black cowgirl boots

I originally wanted to wear my Anne Taylor Loft suede black kitten heel boots but I felt with the tons of rain we received today in Richmond, it was not a wise idea to wear suede shoes! I think this outfit would also look great with skinny jeans as opposed to leggings!

City Shoes

For those of you on MySpace, check out RVA favorite City Shoes on there!

Mmmm, shoes. Need I say more?

I must go try on their Restricted "Rainy Day" wedge boot.


Let's face it, I love perfume/fragrance. I love samples. Thus, I love samples of perfume/fragrance. I'm a scent junkie at times and I'm always on the hunt for the one that'll make me want to keep sniffing myself all day. Ralph Lauren's Blue and Britney Spears' Curious tend to have that effect on me (though they're quite similar scents in my opinion).

I picked up a sample of Viktor & Rolf's "Flower Bomb" and ohmygoodness it smells yummy. I just woke up and I can still smell it on me 12 hours later and after surviving smokey bar syndrome.

I myself tend to choose both floral or vanilla-y scents. It's what I'm drawn to and on that note, we shall list the RVAfashionista's favorite fragrances!

Body Fantasisies Fresh White Musk Fantasy
Britney Spears' Curious
Clinique's Happy Heart
Hanae Mori Paris Butterfly
M.A.C. MV2
M.A.C. Pink Aura
Ralph Lauren Blue
Secret Vanilla Sparkle Body Spray
Viktor & Rolf's Flower Bomb

I've also liked some of Escada's fragrances as well. *sigh* So much to smell, so little time!

The RVAfashionista might be a bit M.I.A. this weekend especially due to family coming into town to celebrate my sister's birthday- cheers!

Nails, lips, eyes.

So I've already chipped my DIY manicure that I did last night with my Wet 'n Wild "Vintage Red" color. Fabulous. However, I think it's expected due to the fact I use my hands on a consistent basis at my job and I'm sure that using Purell regularly doesn't help either! One of my friends said the chipped polish was definitely rock star-ish so why not indulge my inner punk rock diva a bit.

I'm definitely in love with my Sally Hansen "Sheer Blush" Lip Inflation gloss. Dare I say it might work better than some of the more pricey brands I've tried... I usually buy cheap lipgloss because I tend to lose it (I lost one of my limited edition MAC Lipglasses not even a week after I bought it, obviously I was a bit ticked off). I do splurge on the M.A.C. VivaGlam Lipglasses because all the proceeds go to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund and I'm especially in love with their VivaGlam VI shade. To tell the truth, I never would have thought that red lipliner would be so versatile. I picked up a Beautique "Real Red" Lip Pencil to originally pair with my MAC "Lady Bug" Lipstick. I've discovered this lipliner looks great if I put on some lip balm, line and smudge it in, and then top it with some gloss (looks great with clear but also with both VivaGlam Lipglasses I own). For Halloween I lined and filled my lips with the pencil, used my Wet 'n Wild "Passion Fruit Pink" MegaSlicks Lip Color Retractable Pencil, and then topped it with a bit of the Sally Hansen "Sheer Blush" Lip Inflation gloss - voila! CIRCA 1980's HOT PINK LIPS.

I'm kind of thankful Halloween is over. I've dressed up for three nights and did elaborate makeup for the official Halloween night. I tried getting a few different eye shots with my camera but here's one of the better ones! I used my M.A.C. LiquidLast Liners to make the dots and I used lots of glitter and my MAC (discontinued) Glitterliners as well. I'm surprised how well things held up after lots of dancing at the club but I must thank Urban Decay's Primer Potion and my M.A.C.!

Well, the RVAfashionista is now off to enjoy a midnight snack of some homemade pizza and then to get her beauty rest! I'll be spending most of the weekend with the family to celebrate my little sister's birthday so don't expect any posts from me until next week unless boredom ensues!