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Longest post ever?

Hello to all my fashionable friends! It's seems like forever since I've posted on here but it seems I've gotten at least a handful of new readers according to some comments I've received lately. Waves hello to my new blogging friends and if anyone wants to be added to my list of reads, give me a "comment holla," ok?

I've managed to survive Halloween weekend (yes, at the age of 24 it's still somewhat cool to dress up and go to the gazillion Halloween parties around town). Friday night I dressed up as a Hollywood socialite or I joked that I was Nicole Richie 20 pounds heavier. My costume consisted of huge white sunglasses, a couple of tanks layered, a black cropped cardigan and a long scarf, skinny jeans, and my slouchy tan boots. I've noticed in Hollywood/L.A.-ville that many of the "It Girls" have a tendency to wear black shirts with brown boots. How odd. For Saturday, I went as 1980's chick a la Cyndi Lauper and wore a red and black leopard print mini-dress with black leggings, a black shirt with an interesting cut up shape I found at H&M, my black stretch belt, metallic blue button earrings, tons of bangles, gunmetal colored pumps, and I paired it with a studded gold lame' fabric bag that I had in my collection of purses. To top things off, I wore my hair in pigtails and I wore silver and blue eyeshadows with hot pink lips!

So while perusing the beauty aisles at Wal-Mart last week, I stumbled upon one of my favorite body sprays that I wore quite a few years ago - Parfums de Coeur Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk. It's a very clean musk but with a slight floral and one whiff of it reminded me why I loved it so much.

Much to my delight, it turns out I had won a contest compliments to Beauty Addict Mag and DuWop and I received my prize in mail this past week. For starters, I scored their Browwow kit in "lighter" which includes tinted brow powder and pomade as well as a shimmery cream eyeshadow to highlight the browbone. I used the stiff end of the brush to apply the powder and then the pomade and I use the softer end to sweep a bit of the highlighter right under my "arches" (I tend not to have an overly defined arch, my brows don't naturally grow that way). They also sent me their Lash Lacquer in "carbon black" (mascara with a smudge proof "topcoat") which I've yet to try but I'll certainly let y'all know when I do! I *try* to change mascaras when the season's change but I'm now faithful to my Maybelline Full 'n Soft after spending all summer mascara hunting but I did open it right around when fall started so when winter comes in December, I'll be ready for a new mascara. The third goodie I received was their Revolotion in "medium" which ended up being a bit too dark for my pale self but if I mix it with my regular lotion, I get a nice glow! It'll definitely be an essential product when it's skirt weather in the spring again!

Ladies, definitely check out Sunsilk's GetHairapy.com and it has all the fabulous-ness of gossip and shopping with your best gay boi-friend. I signed up to receive the sample trio of their Anti-Flat line and I definitely liked the Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Creme. If you're in the Richmond, VA area like me - I've noticed that CVS does have the the Sunsilk line on sale this week!

I know I've got plenty more I could update on but I'm exhausted but hopefully I can do some more writing and catching up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Take care my fashionistas and divas! <3