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Potomac Mills

I'm obviously too excited to sleep...

I'm headed to Potomac Mills in the morning! I haven't been in years but I've passed by it a gazillion times to visit family in NoVA. I'm most excited for the Nordstrom Rack but we'll probably check out Saks Off Fifth and anything else that suits our fancy. I know there's the Estee Lauder brand outlet there as well so I'll try to check that out (i.e. MAC goodness).

Umm, thank goodness I really don't have access to a credit card or I'd otherwise be in major debt. It's going to be tough to "restrain" myself from shopping hardcore but pay day also means "pay the bills day." So everything will be debit to keep me out of trouble. However, if you'd like to donate to my fashion cause - let me know and I'll give you my PayPal e-mail address so you can send me some money. *chuckles*

I'm the broke fashionista!

. . .

Can't wait to see the Abaete line at Payless!

Yes, I love shoes.