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Mascara woes.

So I hate how you buy a new mascara and it's the best thing ever for a couple weeks and suddenly it's not working like it's supposed to?' Ideally I want something that won't smudge but isn't waterproof (waterproof formulas and my lashes tend not to agree), thickens a lot but doesn't clump up, lengths a bit, and keeps the curl once I curl my lashes.

I was using WetnWild's Mega Length Double Action Mascara and while I love the primer end, the mascara itself isn't liking me anymore and will either deposit barely any mascara on my lashes or else clumping in random spots. I've tried Bon Bon's mascara which I found for a whopping 88cents at my local Wal-Mart but it tends to smudge on my lower lashes and then I've got raccoon-eyes going on which isn't pretty.

While I remember Lucky magazine giving Cover Girl's LashExact Mascara a great review a while back, I'm not impresssed. Too much definition, not enough volume or color. It's good for doing the lower lashes but that's about it. I have yet to try Max Factor's Lash Perfection Mascara which seems to have a similar styled brush.

I do like Clinique's High Impact Mascara quite a bit but I do find it tends to clump up on the tips of my lashes a bit but then using a lash comb tends to ruin the total effect. Go figure that the most expensive one works the best but I think it sometimes weighs my lashes down and the curl won't stay (however, I was using a sample size one that I got in the free gift during Clinique Bonus Time when I stocked up on my beloved City Block SPF25).

My mom is currently using Almay's One Coat Triple Effect Mascara and seems to be liking it so far. I might have to pick up a tube of that because it's supposed to thicken, lengthen, and curl as well as not smudge.

What's your favorite mascara and why?