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There's always hope.

Wow... The last few days have been rough yet filled with the most caring, loving, friendly emotions in attempts to offset the numbing, sad, upsetting emotions. I have found out my sister is terminally ill and all the health issues she's had in recent years are the result of this horrible thing that's attacking her body but her soul and her spirit is so strong that I admire her so much for what she's about to go through in the next months.

I'm trying to sort things out and mentally prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow (I "survived" class this evening so bonus points for that) but if you'd like to contact me, please e-mail me at rvafashionista [at] livejournal [dot] com and it will be immediately forwarded it to my main contact e-mail.

. . .

So in more upbeat news, I managed to score a sample of DuWop's Venom Gloss which is a colored gloss with the same effects as their regular Lip Venom. It's got about the same consistency of a Lancome Juicy Tube and there's a nice range of colors and it tastes pretty darn good. I didn't notice a huge difference in size but my lips are pretty full anyways but I don't look like a puffer fish so it's all good.

I've barely done any shopping lately... I picked up a couple cotton/modal Rubbish camis off the clearance rounder at work but that's about it.

Now it's time to write a paper and hopefully get some sleep... This hot weather and I are not in agreement!