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So I need to make this quick because I do need a few hours of sleep before I get up at 5:00am-ish... my parents and I are going fishing again and this time we're headed to the Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk.

I was quite productive today. I had some "routine maintenance" blood work/tests done and since I was nearby Carytown, I decided to pop in and take a look around. I unfortunately noticed that I received some sub-par service in most of the shops and I suppose it was due to the fact I wasn't "dressed to the nines." Since I was running errands during the day, I ended up throwing on a pair of shorts, my ol' Alpha Phi Omega t-shirt from my VCU days, and my ever-so-comfy Hollister flip-flops. Honestly, if I was going to have a needle stuck in my arm multiple times due to small veins that "roll" - I was not going to wear high heels! I did stop by Clementine (I found a embroidered sweatshirt jacket on their rack which I happened to own so I was amused by that) and JetSet (the owner Amy is a total sweetheart) where I pretty much had "dress-lust" but my wallet was not in agreement. Ahh, the life of a poor college student.

I also got my car's oil changed, returned a school textbook, paid my car's registration to the DMV, got gas at Wawa and then lost my debit card there! So I've immediately canceled my card but I'm still miffed. To make matters worse when I drove back there in hopes to try to find the card, I had some scary K-Fed lookalike leaning out his car window and trying to get in my face while hitting on me simultaneously. So yeah... I'm in a very man-hating mode right now.

I think I've been a bit stressed because of inventory (which is thankfully over) and starting fall classes and health issues that I was literally ready to go "B*TCH - WHAT?!?" on somebody but I didn't. I've kept my cool or made an attempt too. Just keep pumping coffee through my veins and I'll be OK.

So really, the deal of this post is that you have to dress a certain way to get good service - chances are I'm not coming back into your shop again. I know I looked like a bummy twelve year old today but my glasses are Hugo Boss and I was wearing my diamond studs so I'm not a complete fashion noob. I've been in the retail world for over 5 years and I'm going to try my hardest to treat you well no matter what you're wearing!