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Panamanian Jewelry

My little sister just returned from Panama and picked up this earring and bracelet set as a late birthday gift.

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It is hand woven from coconut shell and it's very lightweight which is perfect for this hot summer weather!

In other news, I think I might have found a new mascara or else it's worth the $3.99 for the lash primer alone. I picked up WetnWild's MegaLength Mascara at CVS which was featured in the September issue of Lucky. It clumps a teeny bit but it's nothing that quick swipe with a lash comb won't fix. I'm always on the hunt for an affordable "holy grail" mascara and this might be the one (I do love my 88 cent BonBons one I picked up at Wal-Mart but I think I'll now keep it as a purse mascara for touch ups). WetnWild is buy-get-one-half-off at CVS this week so it's definitely worth checking out. I also picked up the MegaGlow Face Illuminator in Blushing (though it's more of a pale baby pink) - a little dab goes a long way, it is very creamy but I used a tiny dab under my eyes with concealer on top and I looked nice and bright eyed.

. . .

I did partake in enjoying the Watermelon Festival on Sunday and many of the stores and boutiques were having sidewalk sales but the only thing I bought was two bowls of watermelon and a couple peanut butter cookies! I said hello to Amy at JetSet who is sweet as can be but when I walked into Need, I waded through the crowd and then left... it was way too crowded in there and nobody said hello or even nodded their head as quick greeting so I left. Maybe I'm just not cool enough to shop in Need. Who knows. I guess I'm borderline hipster kid but not quite. I'm somewhere on the fence and I honestly don't like to be labeled. Even though the weather was quite nice, it was still very warm so I wore a couple layered tanks in soft grey and slate blue with these camo print bermudas (they're more like capris on me) that have embroidered touches in the pockets and my navy blue Hollister flip-flops.

I have a dentist appointment in the AM so I'd better head off to bed. Au revoir mes amis!