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Makeup -malist & Lip Picks

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Overall it's pretty true but I'm still OBSESSED with makeup (and fashion and shoes and accessories). Yours truly is a girly-girly but I don't always do neutrals for my makeup. I do like strategic color placement and sometimes a bright pop of color is what a girl needs!

So this post has some relevance - I've decided to mention some of my favorite lipstick choices.

Clinique Colour Surge "Extreme Pink" (my favorite pink that's just bright enough but not "hooker hot pink")

MAC "Lady Bug" (the perfect red that can go sheer or vavoom with a couple swipes)

MAC "Sweetie" (a great everyday mauve-y pink)

I also love the Viva Glam V Lipglass by MAC and all the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund.

So there's a few of my lip picks from your favorite makeup junkie who's having insomnia like whoa lately... Time to get some beauty rest!