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hot, hot, hot

EDIT: This post was originally supposed to go up last night but Blogger and I were having HTML issues so it's being posted instead this morning with all the proper HTML tags.

So after many recommendations on the MAC Cosmetics community I frequent on LiveJournal, I stopped by Sephora on my way home yesterday and finally picked up Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This stuff seriously works - my eyeshadow didn't crease a bit and it's 90+ degrees here! When I got home this evening, the color had faded a teensy bit but that's not bad for over 10 hours of wear in heat, humidity, and sweat.

I had the pleasure today of meeting Michelle who's the owner of Chic Armoire and the maintainer of the Chic Amoire blog as well. She's so sweet! It's a little freaky that our haircuts are pretty much identical, we have similar coloring (both skin, eyes, and hair), and we're on the petite side! Crazy isn't it? It was so nice to "talk fashion" with someone as well!

I know fall is just around the corner but with this heat, I don't want to think about sweaters and such! I've been doing a major wardrobe cleanout as of late so I said goodbye to a bunch of sweaters - I love how a black sweater looks but I dislike how the cotton blend ones tend to fade after a while. I unfortunately cannot wear sweaters with any sort of wool or angora - it makes me itch like crazy. I do have a green cotton and nylon wrap-sweater from Old Navy a couple years ago and that has a bit of angora but that one doesn't bug me too much. I do like H&M's sweaters as well and I like the sweaters we carry at work as long as they don't have wool in them! I received this one as gratis in dark grey and they gave me a size smaller but I think it fits better that way.

I've discovered that Joe's Jeans makes a petite fit jean with an average inseam of 30" called the "Provacateur"- if I want to make a splurge, I might get them but I'm sure my mother would kill me breaking the bank and buying designer jeans. That's half a car payment! I'd have to order them online but it'd be wonderful if we received them in store so I could try them on. I am a bit picky about jeans but I'm thankful to have found some well-fitting pairs that fit my budget.

I will say that if my mother decides to complain about me buying new sweaters and stuff, I'll mention that I cleaned out all the old ones and it was her words for me to invest in "classic pieces." So there...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, it's the big tax-free weekend in VA so I'm sure the mall will be crazy. However, crazy can be fun so it's all good!