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ESFP & cleaning - yay!

So I just took this Jung Typology Test for my "Intro to Business" class and I scored as a ESFP (Extroverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceving) which is pretty accurate. To read more about my result, click here and here. I found a link on possible careers for ESFP types when I searched Blingo (it's like Google with prizes - I haven't gotten lucky and won yet though).

. . .

In other news, I spent my entire day with Mom cleaning out my closet, drawers, clothes, and shoes - bye, bye clutter! Mom even organized my closet and everything's in sections. Even each of my drawers has a specific purpose! It feels so good that everything is nice and clean. I just need to tackle my jewelry next! I've finally made both of my desks into a mini-office of sorts: my left desk is my drawing/art desk and my right one is my computer and homework desk! Considering I have a bunch of acrylic paint left over from my art class this spring, I need to start painting again!