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There's always hope.

Wow... The last few days have been rough yet filled with the most caring, loving, friendly emotions in attempts to offset the numbing, sad, upsetting emotions. I have found out my sister is terminally ill and all the health issues she's had in recent years are the result of this horrible thing that's attacking her body but her soul and her spirit is so strong that I admire her so much for what she's about to go through in the next months.

I'm trying to sort things out and mentally prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow (I "survived" class this evening so bonus points for that) but if you'd like to contact me, please e-mail me at rvafashionista [at] livejournal [dot] com and it will be immediately forwarded it to my main contact e-mail.

. . .

So in more upbeat news, I managed to score a sample of DuWop's Venom Gloss which is a colored gloss with the same effects as their regular Lip Venom. It's got about the same consistency of a Lancome Juicy Tube and there's a nice range of colors and it tastes pretty darn good. I didn't notice a huge difference in size but my lips are pretty full anyways but I don't look like a puffer fish so it's all good.

I've barely done any shopping lately... I picked up a couple cotton/modal Rubbish camis off the clearance rounder at work but that's about it.

Now it's time to write a paper and hopefully get some sleep... This hot weather and I are not in agreement!

The Value of $34.00

Oh, lovely... So I go check my back account balance and such online after Monday's losing my Visa debit card at Wawa incident and I see a charge for $34.00 for Wawa in addition to the debit purchase of $30.15 at Wawa that I spent that day on gas. When I had called Visa on Monday, I asked them if I needed to run through and verify my purchases for that day and they said no. So according to Visa, my last purchase was at Wawa but wouldn't it be kind of odd for me to have a debit purchase and then a credit purchase immediately afterwards when I reported the card as lost/stolen. I explained this evening to them that I try to use everything as debit unless it automatically runs through as credit and there's no option for me to enter a PIN (for example, both H&M and Starbucks only run transactions though as credit). So now they're going to send me some paperwork from their fraud team...

I know $34.00 isn't a ton of money to some people but that's a tank gas or 10 lattes or $34 I could use towards paying off my school tuition and books that's charged on my Visa credit card and not my Visa debit card.

I wish I wasn't so scatterbrained/forgetful sometimes but I suppose there are much worse things in life...

Tomorrow evening shall be consumed with writing a paper for school. Cheers to not "having a weekend" but I haven't felt like being social either.

ESFP & cleaning - yay!

So I just took this Jung Typology Test for my "Intro to Business" class and I scored as a ESFP (Extroverted-Sensing-Feeling-Perceving) which is pretty accurate. To read more about my result, click here and here. I found a link on possible careers for ESFP types when I searched Blingo (it's like Google with prizes - I haven't gotten lucky and won yet though).

. . .

In other news, I spent my entire day with Mom cleaning out my closet, drawers, clothes, and shoes - bye, bye clutter! Mom even organized my closet and everything's in sections. Even each of my drawers has a specific purpose! It feels so good that everything is nice and clean. I just need to tackle my jewelry next! I've finally made both of my desks into a mini-office of sorts: my left desk is my drawing/art desk and my right one is my computer and homework desk! Considering I have a bunch of acrylic paint left over from my art class this spring, I need to start painting again!


So I need to make this quick because I do need a few hours of sleep before I get up at 5:00am-ish... my parents and I are going fishing again and this time we're headed to the Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk.

I was quite productive today. I had some "routine maintenance" blood work/tests done and since I was nearby Carytown, I decided to pop in and take a look around. I unfortunately noticed that I received some sub-par service in most of the shops and I suppose it was due to the fact I wasn't "dressed to the nines." Since I was running errands during the day, I ended up throwing on a pair of shorts, my ol' Alpha Phi Omega t-shirt from my VCU days, and my ever-so-comfy Hollister flip-flops. Honestly, if I was going to have a needle stuck in my arm multiple times due to small veins that "roll" - I was not going to wear high heels! I did stop by Clementine (I found a embroidered sweatshirt jacket on their rack which I happened to own so I was amused by that) and JetSet (the owner Amy is a total sweetheart) where I pretty much had "dress-lust" but my wallet was not in agreement. Ahh, the life of a poor college student.

I also got my car's oil changed, returned a school textbook, paid my car's registration to the DMV, got gas at Wawa and then lost my debit card there! So I've immediately canceled my card but I'm still miffed. To make matters worse when I drove back there in hopes to try to find the card, I had some scary K-Fed lookalike leaning out his car window and trying to get in my face while hitting on me simultaneously. So yeah... I'm in a very man-hating mode right now.

I think I've been a bit stressed because of inventory (which is thankfully over) and starting fall classes and health issues that I was literally ready to go "B*TCH - WHAT?!?" on somebody but I didn't. I've kept my cool or made an attempt too. Just keep pumping coffee through my veins and I'll be OK.

So really, the deal of this post is that you have to dress a certain way to get good service - chances are I'm not coming back into your shop again. I know I looked like a bummy twelve year old today but my glasses are Hugo Boss and I was wearing my diamond studs so I'm not a complete fashion noob. I've been in the retail world for over 5 years and I'm going to try my hardest to treat you well no matter what you're wearing!

Fall Fashion Trend Quiz

*yawn* I'm headed off to bed momentarily but I found this quiz:

This Fall, You Should Wear a White Shirt

Crisp and refined, you are able to wear a white shirt with style.
Pair your white shirt with a funky belt to give it a modern, less preppy feel.

I surprisingly don't own a white button down shirt - I have two blue ones from Old Navy but I don't own the white button down that's supposed to be hot this fall!

On a side note, Europa in Shockoe Slip is love. I spent my Thursday evening there hanging with Holly and drinking sangria and chillin' out to a good mix of house music in their lounge area. Good times - but being out late would obviously explain the tiredness.

Panamanian Jewelry

My little sister just returned from Panama and picked up this earring and bracelet set as a late birthday gift.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It is hand woven from coconut shell and it's very lightweight which is perfect for this hot summer weather!

In other news, I think I might have found a new mascara or else it's worth the $3.99 for the lash primer alone. I picked up WetnWild's MegaLength Mascara at CVS which was featured in the September issue of Lucky. It clumps a teeny bit but it's nothing that quick swipe with a lash comb won't fix. I'm always on the hunt for an affordable "holy grail" mascara and this might be the one (I do love my 88 cent BonBons one I picked up at Wal-Mart but I think I'll now keep it as a purse mascara for touch ups). WetnWild is buy-get-one-half-off at CVS this week so it's definitely worth checking out. I also picked up the MegaGlow Face Illuminator in Blushing (though it's more of a pale baby pink) - a little dab goes a long way, it is very creamy but I used a tiny dab under my eyes with concealer on top and I looked nice and bright eyed.

. . .

I did partake in enjoying the Watermelon Festival on Sunday and many of the stores and boutiques were having sidewalk sales but the only thing I bought was two bowls of watermelon and a couple peanut butter cookies! I said hello to Amy at JetSet who is sweet as can be but when I walked into Need, I waded through the crowd and then left... it was way too crowded in there and nobody said hello or even nodded their head as quick greeting so I left. Maybe I'm just not cool enough to shop in Need. Who knows. I guess I'm borderline hipster kid but not quite. I'm somewhere on the fence and I honestly don't like to be labeled. Even though the weather was quite nice, it was still very warm so I wore a couple layered tanks in soft grey and slate blue with these camo print bermudas (they're more like capris on me) that have embroidered touches in the pockets and my navy blue Hollister flip-flops.

I have a dentist appointment in the AM so I'd better head off to bed. Au revoir mes amis!

Makeup -malist & Lip Picks

What is your makeup -malist?

You're a makeup midimalist!
Take this quiz!

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Overall it's pretty true but I'm still OBSESSED with makeup (and fashion and shoes and accessories). Yours truly is a girly-girly but I don't always do neutrals for my makeup. I do like strategic color placement and sometimes a bright pop of color is what a girl needs!

So this post has some relevance - I've decided to mention some of my favorite lipstick choices.

Clinique Colour Surge "Extreme Pink" (my favorite pink that's just bright enough but not "hooker hot pink")

MAC "Lady Bug" (the perfect red that can go sheer or vavoom with a couple swipes)

MAC "Sweetie" (a great everyday mauve-y pink)

I also love the Viva Glam V Lipglass by MAC and all the proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund.

So there's a few of my lip picks from your favorite makeup junkie who's having insomnia like whoa lately... Time to get some beauty rest!

While it's summer, it's not a vacation.

Forgive me for being a bit MIA as of late, I've been working a lot and I used both of my days off this past week to relax and spend time with my family. I spent Sunday afternoon at Maymont with Mom and got to see the new black bear Phoenix. He is so cute and had tons of personality! I went fishing on Tuesday with my parents and we were on a boat in the Newport News area so we were kind of on the James River but on the Chesapeake Bay at the same time. I only caught one fish - a small croaker so I ended up tossing it back. Surprisingly I got a very slight tan but I'll take what I can get since I normally burn like crazy.

I did receive my September Lucky magazine in the mail the other day and I definitely agree with Michelle that there's too much in it! I was also a bit miffed that they didn't offer more affordable priced shoes because I remember one of the summer issues had a ton of Target and Payless shoes featured. So far in this issue I found one pair from Payless and no Target.

I had to put my tuition and books on the credit card so it'll be no shopping for me for a while unlesss it's insanely cheap or I have an insanely good paycheck. I'm taking "Introduction to Business" and "Principles of Selling" this fall so I'm excited for that and my classes start up on the 22nd.

I'm lusting over all the new things at work - tons of cute plaid blazers and black wash denim. *sigh* I'm in love... I can't wait for the weather to cool off though. I can't wait to bust out the boots! I haven't bought any this season but my "collection" already includes black suede knee-high boots with a kitten heel and pointed toes that I scored on sale from Ann Taylor Loft a couple years ago, black western/cowgirl boots that I found in the kids department at Saxon's this past winter, and black square toe stretch knee high with a stacked heel that my mom bought for me quite a few years ago at Payless that have held up remarkably. I tend to buy somewhat classic style boots that will go with almost anything...

Sunday is the Carytown Watermelon Festival and despite being a native Richmond-er, I've never been before so I'm excited to go since I'm off work that day!

hot, hot, hot

EDIT: This post was originally supposed to go up last night but Blogger and I were having HTML issues so it's being posted instead this morning with all the proper HTML tags.

So after many recommendations on the MAC Cosmetics community I frequent on LiveJournal, I stopped by Sephora on my way home yesterday and finally picked up Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This stuff seriously works - my eyeshadow didn't crease a bit and it's 90+ degrees here! When I got home this evening, the color had faded a teensy bit but that's not bad for over 10 hours of wear in heat, humidity, and sweat.

I had the pleasure today of meeting Michelle who's the owner of Chic Armoire and the maintainer of the Chic Amoire blog as well. She's so sweet! It's a little freaky that our haircuts are pretty much identical, we have similar coloring (both skin, eyes, and hair), and we're on the petite side! Crazy isn't it? It was so nice to "talk fashion" with someone as well!

I know fall is just around the corner but with this heat, I don't want to think about sweaters and such! I've been doing a major wardrobe cleanout as of late so I said goodbye to a bunch of sweaters - I love how a black sweater looks but I dislike how the cotton blend ones tend to fade after a while. I unfortunately cannot wear sweaters with any sort of wool or angora - it makes me itch like crazy. I do have a green cotton and nylon wrap-sweater from Old Navy a couple years ago and that has a bit of angora but that one doesn't bug me too much. I do like H&M's sweaters as well and I like the sweaters we carry at work as long as they don't have wool in them! I received this one as gratis in dark grey and they gave me a size smaller but I think it fits better that way.

I've discovered that Joe's Jeans makes a petite fit jean with an average inseam of 30" called the "Provacateur"- if I want to make a splurge, I might get them but I'm sure my mother would kill me breaking the bank and buying designer jeans. That's half a car payment! I'd have to order them online but it'd be wonderful if we received them in store so I could try them on. I am a bit picky about jeans but I'm thankful to have found some well-fitting pairs that fit my budget.

I will say that if my mother decides to complain about me buying new sweaters and stuff, I'll mention that I cleaned out all the old ones and it was her words for me to invest in "classic pieces." So there...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, it's the big tax-free weekend in VA so I'm sure the mall will be crazy. However, crazy can be fun so it's all good!