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trying to stay upbeat!

I must say that this rainy weather is wearing me down this week... Yes, it was sunny for a bit yesterday but the wind was blowing like mad and I managed to get some sort of dust/dirt/grit in my eye and ended up leaving work early to go to the doctor to have it checked out. Not a pleasant experience at all. Thankfully I'm off today so I'm bumming around the house sans makeup and periodically icing my eye to reduce the swelling (it resembles the puffiness from a major crying session).

I did meet with my personal seamstress/tailor this morning (i.e. my mother) so I could have my jeans hemmed and I should be wearing them tomorrow! Debating if I want to wear them cuffed as capris or long with heels or wedges... I sometimes feel I need to get back into sewing or something artistic like painting (I took a colour theory class this past spring that morphed into a graphic arts course instead so my "required" acrylic paints didn't get as much love).

Well, I think I'm off to go run some errands after being house-bound all morning... Then I'll be hitting the books for my marketing exam tomorrow morning and then I'll be working in the afternoon - the next few weeks are going to be insanely busy for me. Such is life!