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shoes, tees, jeans, & jewelry... oh my!

In case you haven't noticed by now, this is part shopping blog and part "update on Lindsay's life" blog (though I do tend to do the more "personal" blogging on LJ - writing is definitely a form of therapy for me other than shopping). Due to having a little extra money, I managed to do some shopping in the past few days and I purchase some things I wanted and needed (ripped a pair of jeans and needed to replace them)

This Mossimo Twisted Tissue Tee is only $8.99 at Target and the twisted fabric around neckline has a James Perse-esque touch. I bought it for the color because it's the most gorgeous blue-green but the fit is really nice too - long and stretchy!
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(Photo Credit: http://www.target.com)

I picked up these cute and insanely lightweight wedge sandals in black leather by Diba at Nordstrom retailing for $44.95. The strap is rubbing the backs of my ankles a teensy bit (I'm still breaking them in) but overall they're extremely comfy and feel light as air for summer!
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(Photo Credit: http://www.dibashoes.com)

I also purchased a couple more of my favorite classic camisole which is the the BP. Stretch Cami in white and black (two rather indespensible "colors" - though from taking a color theory class, white and black technically aren't colors). Since "skinny" and straight leg jeans seem to be a popular trend especially for the upcoming fall season, I ended up buying a pair that we received in BP. this spring before the trend really hit and they're now on clearance for $22.90! They're by Hippie Jeans and I was unable to locate a picture (and too lazy at the moment to take one) but the wash is extremely dark and the rise is not super low - they're also extremely long and extremely stretchy so I manged to squeeze into a size smaller since I know this brand eases out more than most. Yes, I'll have to get them hemmed due to my 5'1" stature but the jeans were originally around $60.00 so they're an insanely good deal. I felt if they straight leg trend suddenly disappeared, I could roll them up and iron/starch them and voila - cute cropped cuffed jeans! So I'll most likely wear them rolled up until the weather cools off a bit.

My true shopping addiction though is accessories and I ended up buying oversized faux-pearl stud earrings for $6.00 (that my mother thought were real!) as well as this awesome thick chain necklace for $22.00 with coordinating faux pearls, clear crystal, and rose-quartz-esque beads that I had been eyeing for quite some time. It's definitely girly meets rock and roll and both pieces are by Rachel in the BP. department at Nordstrom (unforunately not featured online... must take pictures).

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday... I'll be working in the afternoon but I honestly don't mind (the words "holiday pay" are a good enough reason for me). And a quick reminder that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up - July 14th through July 30th! It's an excellent time to do some back to school shopping or to jump start your fall wardrobe with both fabulous prices and fabulous clothing! I'm beyond excited and this year's stuff definitely rocks!