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digital chic

Despite the fact of having the weekend off work, I've been quite busy with my family (Grandma's in town from NoVA) since we chose to celebrate my birthday last night. So yes, I officially turned 24 this past Tuesday, July 25th.

I've received some fabulous jewelry for my birthday - including a vintage beaded choker from Holly that she found at Bygones in Carytown and a lovely bracelet and sterling silver "forget-me-not" cut-out silver necklace that Grandma found in Alaska. I'm quite upset though that I wore the silver necklace to church today and the charm must have fallen off there and I lost it already... Hopefully someone found it on the carpet and the turned it into the lost and found. *fingers crossed*

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Yes, I know the above picture isn't very good that I took last night but I bought a new camera today and I'm quite pleased! It's a Pentax Optio E10 and it's on sale for about $150 at Circuit City this week and it also includes a $15 gift card so I ended up purchasing a camera case and some batteries with my "free money."

So I'm quite sure lots of photography will come in the future... I'm now off to ready the manual and play around some more.