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Despite the fact of having the weekend off work, I've been quite busy with my family (Grandma's in town from NoVA) since we chose to celebrate my birthday last night. So yes, I officially turned 24 this past Tuesday, July 25th.

I've received some fabulous jewelry for my birthday - including a vintage beaded choker from Holly that she found at Bygones in Carytown and a lovely bracelet and sterling silver "forget-me-not" cut-out silver necklace that Grandma found in Alaska. I'm quite upset though that I wore the silver necklace to church today and the charm must have fallen off there and I lost it already... Hopefully someone found it on the carpet and the turned it into the lost and found. *fingers crossed*

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Yes, I know the above picture isn't very good that I took last night but I bought a new camera today and I'm quite pleased! It's a Pentax Optio E10 and it's on sale for about $150 at Circuit City this week and it also includes a $15 gift card so I ended up purchasing a camera case and some batteries with my "free money."

So I'm quite sure lots of photography will come in the future... I'm now off to ready the manual and play around some more.

white wine & clothing - 2 of my fave things

First of all, for those in the RVA area - I stumbled upon this wonderful brand of Australian wine at Kroger called Banrock Station. Last night I picked up a bottle of their Rieseling for Holly's summer soiree and then I decided to try a bottle of their Semillion Chardonnay to pair with dinner with my parents. The best part is is that it's on sale at Kroger for just under $4.00 a bottle but the quality is pretty darn good for "inexpensive wine" and it normally retails for around $8.00 at Kroger. They are also concerned with the enrivonment and wildlife preservation so I'm definitely for that!

Second, Ross has opened it's doors at Willow Lawn and I was quite pleased at the selection! I've heard from a few that the selection is very "hit or miss" but I managed to have success today and find five cute knit shirts for about $40 (I had some birthday money from Granny so I spent $15 out of pocket) and the total value according to the "compare at" on the tags ended up being about $100. The first shirt (grey with lace on the bottom) I did receive gratis at work but the rest I found at Ross today. I think I might wear the white shirt with the polka dots on Tuesday to see Train and Mat Kearney at Innsbrook for my birthday but I'm still debating because it'll depend on how hot outside it is that day. Can you tell I like stripes as of late? The third shirt down is actually a lightweight sweater knit but it was surprisingly comfortable while skimming and fitting in the right places.

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So now I'm finishing up my marketing homework which is about internet ads... Except I really don't "pay attention" that much to internet ads and such. My pop-ups are blocked on Safari thank you very much!

I think my fashion style is changing a bit... Some may call it hipster-ish but I'm just buying what I fall in love with!

If you didn't know that...

In addition to having a passion for clothes and shoes - I'm a makeup fiend! I love MAC (as well as some Clinique and Smashbox) and they've re-released one of my favorite products! Their Mineralized Skinfinishes are one of the best products ever for creating a glow (they tend to release bronze-y and pinkish blush colored shades) and MAC's put out three shades with their A Muse collection. "Shimpagne" and "Porcelain Pink" have been released before with previous collections and "Shooting Star" is a new shade. I picked up Shimpagne today from my MAC counter which is a shimmery champagne/light bronze color which should be perfect to give me a glowy "tan" appearance considering I'm pretty darn pale.

I also picked up lipstick in Ladybug (which is a nice sheer red... I had one in my collection but it ran away from my purse) and their eyeslash curler.

. . .

It's now time for some ice cream and some sleep... I'm a bit exhausted.

short but not so sweet

Forgive me for not posting... I've go so much going on right now that I'm having a difficult time keeping my "head above water." I'm also going through some personal ups and downs of sorts which I'm trying to mentally sort through as well. My brain feels like one big mess as of late.

. . .

If you wish to personally contact me, please e-mail me at rvafashionista@livejournal.com and it will be forwarded to my official Gmail account.

. . .

Depression is like a disease without a cure - you may get better but there's always a small part in the back of your brain waiting to resurface and eat away at you again.

trying to stay upbeat!

I must say that this rainy weather is wearing me down this week... Yes, it was sunny for a bit yesterday but the wind was blowing like mad and I managed to get some sort of dust/dirt/grit in my eye and ended up leaving work early to go to the doctor to have it checked out. Not a pleasant experience at all. Thankfully I'm off today so I'm bumming around the house sans makeup and periodically icing my eye to reduce the swelling (it resembles the puffiness from a major crying session).

I did meet with my personal seamstress/tailor this morning (i.e. my mother) so I could have my jeans hemmed and I should be wearing them tomorrow! Debating if I want to wear them cuffed as capris or long with heels or wedges... I sometimes feel I need to get back into sewing or something artistic like painting (I took a colour theory class this past spring that morphed into a graphic arts course instead so my "required" acrylic paints didn't get as much love).

Well, I think I'm off to go run some errands after being house-bound all morning... Then I'll be hitting the books for my marketing exam tomorrow morning and then I'll be working in the afternoon - the next few weeks are going to be insanely busy for me. Such is life!

shoes, tees, jeans, & jewelry... oh my!

In case you haven't noticed by now, this is part shopping blog and part "update on Lindsay's life" blog (though I do tend to do the more "personal" blogging on LJ - writing is definitely a form of therapy for me other than shopping). Due to having a little extra money, I managed to do some shopping in the past few days and I purchase some things I wanted and needed (ripped a pair of jeans and needed to replace them)

This Mossimo Twisted Tissue Tee is only $8.99 at Target and the twisted fabric around neckline has a James Perse-esque touch. I bought it for the color because it's the most gorgeous blue-green but the fit is really nice too - long and stretchy!
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(Photo Credit: http://www.target.com)

I picked up these cute and insanely lightweight wedge sandals in black leather by Diba at Nordstrom retailing for $44.95. The strap is rubbing the backs of my ankles a teensy bit (I'm still breaking them in) but overall they're extremely comfy and feel light as air for summer!
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(Photo Credit: http://www.dibashoes.com)

I also purchased a couple more of my favorite classic camisole which is the the BP. Stretch Cami in white and black (two rather indespensible "colors" - though from taking a color theory class, white and black technically aren't colors). Since "skinny" and straight leg jeans seem to be a popular trend especially for the upcoming fall season, I ended up buying a pair that we received in BP. this spring before the trend really hit and they're now on clearance for $22.90! They're by Hippie Jeans and I was unable to locate a picture (and too lazy at the moment to take one) but the wash is extremely dark and the rise is not super low - they're also extremely long and extremely stretchy so I manged to squeeze into a size smaller since I know this brand eases out more than most. Yes, I'll have to get them hemmed due to my 5'1" stature but the jeans were originally around $60.00 so they're an insanely good deal. I felt if they straight leg trend suddenly disappeared, I could roll them up and iron/starch them and voila - cute cropped cuffed jeans! So I'll most likely wear them rolled up until the weather cools off a bit.

My true shopping addiction though is accessories and I ended up buying oversized faux-pearl stud earrings for $6.00 (that my mother thought were real!) as well as this awesome thick chain necklace for $22.00 with coordinating faux pearls, clear crystal, and rose-quartz-esque beads that I had been eyeing for quite some time. It's definitely girly meets rock and roll and both pieces are by Rachel in the BP. department at Nordstrom (unforunately not featured online... must take pictures).

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday... I'll be working in the afternoon but I honestly don't mind (the words "holiday pay" are a good enough reason for me). And a quick reminder that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up - July 14th through July 30th! It's an excellent time to do some back to school shopping or to jump start your fall wardrobe with both fabulous prices and fabulous clothing! I'm beyond excited and this year's stuff definitely rocks!

Summer is not lovin' my skin!

I have not a clue what I've done to upset my skin other than the warm weather, humidity, and a bit of stress might be making it act up but I've got three rather swollen blemishes "growing on my face" (as in they haven't quite surfaced into a head but they're incredibly painful and sensitive including one on my browbone). Yikes.

I normally don't break out except the occassional small blemish that disappears in a couple days max with Johnson & Johnson's Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Not meaning to come off as all bragging and such but my skin is so much better than it used to be in my teenage years and I swear by my Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap and my Nourishing Facial Scrub & Mask from Lavender Fields Farm. I might end up picking up their Nourishing Facial Tonic the next time I go out there since my skin is being "acne-prone" at the moment. But normally my routine of their soap, the scrub 1-2 times a week, and dab of Cetaphil lotion as my moisturizer and MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream usually gives me no troubles at all.

I know since it's summer and all you should be wearing sunscreen (though I wear the stuff year-round) and I just wanted to share that I swear by Clinique's Super City Block SPF 25. Best stuff ever because it doesn't "feel" like sunscreen!

. . .

Otherwise, life is good but filled with work and school. I will say that earning "All Star" status at work has been a definite perk and an absolute honor!