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Sunny Sundays...

Today's been an absolutely gorgeous day. It's been so nice to be off work and relax. I went to a picnic with some friends from church and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone. Of course it's now time to crack the whip and do some marketing homework... I'm due back at work at 11:00am though. *yawn*

I did take some pix this afternoon, my dad's bathroom has some pretty decent lighting (I need to play with my camera settings but I took these in about 10 minutes) and the last three are by the window in my living room. So you can view the gallery at my LJ Scrapbook.

The boy's suddenly gone MIA. :-( Must call him to see what's going on... I hope he just had a busy weekend at work and nothing serious is up. *fingers crossed* I've met someone actually worth caring about and I don't wanna mess it up.