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#MakeupMonday: November Ipsy #GlamBag

My November #GlamBag by Ipsy just arrived in the mail today - what's inside this month's bag? I'm mentioning a couple of the products in my bag that I'm super stoked to try!

If you haven't yet heard of Ipsy - it is a beauty subscription service. For $10 a month you receive a cute makeup bag (warning: the bags are sort of small but I've managed to use them for various purposes, not just makeup) filled with deluxe samples! In order for Ipsy to help customize your product selections, you take a quiz when you sign up that asks about your favorite product types including makeup, skincare, and hair care as well as brands, makeup looks, etc. to customize your bag selection each month. If you're interested in Ipsy, you can sign up here (yes, it is my referral link so I can earn points towards free products) and you can cancel anytime if you decide that Ipsy isn't right for you. I've been lucky enough that somehow Ipsy has managed to predict things that I may need in my makeup/beauty collection (such as this awesome taupe-y shadow they sent me last month and they sent me an awesome smudger brush great for eyeshadow/liner). Each monthly bag has a "theme" and November's bag theme is "Rock Starlet" which the bag has a cute makeup themed constellation print. If you really love a product in your #GlamBag, Ipsy will usually have a coupon code for you to spring for a full-size one! Forhe price of two latté's a month, you can get fun makeup (I'm saying this as I'm trying to quit my Starbucks habit).

First up in my November #GlamBag is the Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick (phew, that's a mouthful) in the color Diva. I am curious how this red will work with my green hair (it's sometimes green and sometimes blue) but it may be a fun contrast for the holidays!
I've heard pretty awesome things about Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara and luck would have it my current mascara needs to be replaced so I am excited to try this one out!!! Supposedly this mascara is everything, my blonde lashes that crave drama will have to report back to you on this soon... 
More to come on the rest of November's #GlamBag... Let me know if you received something awesome in your #GlamBag!

Disclosure: Stock Photo Credits via Ipsy

Fri-YAY (and introducing #FridayFavorites)

Happy Friday or Fri-YAY, y'all! It's after midnight and this post may more so be a stream of consciousness than anything... So bear with me y'all and let's get to it! 

Yes, I have very much become a New Yorker in some regards but there are certain Southern "eccentricities"(as a broad term) that I will never let go including but not limited to the following:
  • "Y'all" will still remain a part of my vocabulary.
  • The only iced tea is sweet tea.
  • Proper manners and greetings such as "yes ma'am" and "no, ma'am."
  • A love of barbecue, biscuits, and fried chicken.
As today is Friday, I am beginning a series entitled "Friday Favorites" (or #FridayFavorites to those speak hashtag) featuring my favorites for that month, that week, that day... Whatever strikes my fancy as a favorite.

These Crocs Leigh Wedge Shooties are amazingly comfortable and stylish! There will be #TuesdayShoesDay post coming soon professing my love for Crocs but until then, you'll have to take my word for it on how awesome these booties/shooties are on your feet. (ps. If you order these from crocs.com, you can earn some $$$ with eBates too - it's 5% back!)

Winter is coming and my skin has gotten drier with age... I am currently obsessed with face oils and BioOil is one of my favorites (I have another favorite oil as well but currently sourcing the places it can be purchased as I've only found it in Richmond, VA). I have melasma as well as a few scars/marks on my face from previous blemishes and BioOil is supposed to minimize scarring and assist with pigmentation issues. 

Last but not least, my Granny who was quite possibly my favorite person in the whole world (other than Mom) passed away last month. Granny lived a long, beautiful, simple yet joyous life, and left this earth at 94 with grace and dignity. She would always tell me, "I love you a bushel, and a peck, and a hug around the neck."  Her heart and gentle soul will be missed but always with me.

In the spring of things...

Hooray - I think the winter is finally over but we're now jumping into pre-summer in NYC. Spring, what's that?!? Unfortunately my building sometimes has the heat on for the occasional chilly nights we've had so relying on my window AC unit has not been fun (and by not fun, I mean I am afraid to see that ConEd bill). 

So here's my reality, I've been working A LOT. Like a lot a lot... Transferred to a new store about a month ago and been focusing on doin' my thang over there. Oddly enough, I love working in the Midtown East/edge of the UES. Bloomies is across the street, the H&M is decent, and there's some nice places to sit outside on my lunch break.

My usual lunch break spot on the corner of 57th and Lex.
Upside of the gorgeous weather we're having, it was perfect day to go to Central Park. By the time I arrived a little before 7pm, the air had cooled off a bit and the sun had disappeared just enough to make me not risk turning into lobster status. #porcelainproblems 

Hello, my pretty.

And last but not least, I've finally ordered a wireless remote for my Nikon so I'm finally going to be posting some outfit photos for y'all! Now I really need to scope out some great locations in my 'hood for outfit posts. Stay tuned... 

Current Obsessions: March Edition

Dear #theSCNYSblog readers,

Please pardon the slight life-related ramble and then we'll cover the really fun stuff - my current obsessions for the month of March.

Perhaps watching "Bridget Jones's Diary" and "Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason" on Netflix back to back in my current emotional state  wasn't the best idea last night. And by emotional state, some of the feels have stirred up again. Not sure where it's going to go... Stupid feelings. And listening to Ray Charles, Marvin Gay, Sinatra, and Sam Cooke may not be helping me either... Sigh. And so it goes.

Now after getting that vague bit of emotional-ness off my chest or my heart, here's an interesting read I stumbled upon on Elephant Journal - This is How to Love a Leo. That being said, I am not necessarily "full blown" Leo as I am born on the edge of the Cancer-Leo cusp and I've always had an affinity for my Water-signed friends (and ex-boyfriends). Nonetheless, this article had some valid points though I am struggling with my creative soul. I used to be an artist and yet I don't know how to redefine that part of my life. I might venture to the MOMA tomorrow since I have a Friday off (YAY) and the museum is free from 4pm-8pm on Fridays. Perhaps a little art will stir up my creative soul again?

And now back to our regularly scheduled beauty and fashion blogging...

This Blistex Lip Vibrance is awesomesauce. A nice rosy-pink tinted lip balm with a hint of shimmer that has enough color to hold up on it's own but still pairs well with my other lippies as a base coat.

Thank you for keeping my lips soft.

To those who know me well, I tend to wear a lot of black or black and white prints. These blue suede Nine West Deputy flats are a fab way to add a pop of color. You can find them at both Nine West and Nordstrom (both sites also qualify for eBates - yes, that is my referral link). FYI, they do run about half a size large in my opinion or a full size if your foot is narrow.

You're so pretty. Oh so pretty. 

This Forever 21 t-shirt is point blank true. My cat is cuter than your boyfriend. Even if she does shed a lot and wakes me up at 4:00 am for breakfast. But she's still cute.

Oh and I am also obsessed with Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink hair dye. SEE?!? I need to update my blog profile photo with the new hair but how cool is this color?!

C'mon winter, let it go...

Dear NYC, why did you tempt us last week with some "balmy" above freezing temperatures? And now it's supposed to snow tomorrow... Seriously NYC, let's get it together. I am OVER winter. I am ready to take my winter coat to the dry cleaner and stuff it in the back of my closet.

But even if I have a sweater on, I can still channel spring a bit... Today's day off was at least above freezing so I embraced my Chico's boyfriend jeans (these seem to be this years version) and Nine West "Hannah" mules I purchased last summer. If you want your own pair, you can still find them at Amazon, Nordstrom RACK, or 6pm and trust me, the 3-inch stacked chunky heel is quite "walkable" especially for NYC sidewalks.

Now "if" we get snow tomorrow - I am not wearing these except inside my store and commuting in with snow boots. Fun times! I need to move somewhere warm... Virginia at least was warmer today! Oh how I miss the south...

I gave up OkCupid for Lent.

Yes you heard me, I gave up OkCupid for Lent. It was a distraction to my life that resulted in a lot of self-loathing and a fear of "if this is what's left of dating in NYC, I'm destined to get another cat." Seriously. When you receive messages like the one below, you start to wonder WTF is wrong with people? Or even worse, what's wrong with me?

At the moment, I still have access to my Tinder and Hinge accounts. Even though I haven't been exactly what one would call "lucky" on either of those online dating venues. That being said, I still peruse those sites because I have the choice whether or not to "swipe right" based on profile or attraction. OkCupid is a free for all of "let's clutter up my inbox" with messages of "hi" or "nice smile" and that's about it. At least I can choose whether or not to virtually "like" a dude on Tinder or Hinge and there's a mutual swipe. Tinder is more of a boredom killer while Hinge will periodically yell at me via iPhone notification to say I've got to go through my inbox of potential suitors.

In case you're still wondering what to "give up" for Lent, I stumbled upon this handy little chart...
Original post HERE... with "explanations" of each thing.

I myself am a baptized and confirmed Episcopalian but I still lean on the side of being very spiritual... I still struggle with my faith (as most "normal" Christians do in my opinion) and retail life sometimes makes going to church difficult. But Lent is a season of relationships - with God, myself, and others. But alas taking the time to slow down and center myself away from distractions. Giving up OkCupid was necessary, a distraction that did not need to be allowed in my head or my heart. I'm still holding out to meet that person when I'm at Starbucks or on the train. Then again, that poor soul might stumble upon my blog. Oh lawwwd. But we'll cross that bridge when it comes, I suppose.

It's about to go down...

Dear Mom,
THANK YOU for being my blog's #1 fan. I appreciate it immensely for you reading and supporting my creative endeavors. That being said, I'm about to get a bit REAL on here. I've always taglined this as a FASHION + BEAUTY + LIFE blog and yet I've always posted more along the lines of fashion and beauty. After a couple discussions with my friends, I've also decided to share some tidbits about my life especially on the dating front. I've got some funny stories... I am also considering a YouTube series titled "Tinder With Lindsay" #TinderWithLindsay providing my commentary on what's out there (or not out there) on the Tinder-verse. But back to you Mom, I love you. Please don't take offense to what your daughter dearest here is writing and sharing. Let's face it, I am a little quirky like you and while I haven't necessarily had a "Cadillac Bill," I've had my fare share of oddities and interesting. Dating in NYC is hard, y'all.

If you ever wondered WHY cloning is illegal - this is why... Love you! 
So that being said, it's going down y'all... Welcome to the good, the bad, and the ugly of dating in NYC and my adventures of my life up here.